This Couple Got Engaged (Twice!) On ‘Catfish’??? | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

(eclectic house music) – [Narrator] Tonight’s Catfish, will have you questioning everything you know. (Wedding March from a Midsummer Night’s Dream) Watch for yourself. – [Max] The last time we saw the two of them, Tony had actually moved up to Washington to live with Colleen. – That’s right! They weren’t wasting anytime. You think […]

5 Times We Wished Ashly & Imari Were Our BFFs | MTV Ranked

– I was like what if you literally (bleep) someone else in the bathroom at your wedding. Like I could totally, like actually see that happening. (cymbals reverberate softly) Like why are the roses back up there? ‘Cause weren’t they like down like hidden? – Yeah, they were like away in one of those closets […]

Blindfolded By His ‘Catfish’?? | Catfish | MTV

– [Announcer] Tonight’s Catfish will have your questioning everything you know. It might be the craziest story Nev and Max have ever heard. – She blindfolded me. – What? – [Announcer] No. Really. – Here’s 50 Shades of Cray. – [Announcer] Watch for yourself. – “Hey guys, “here’s all the stuff you requested from me […]

Improve Teamwork, Customer Service and Retention with The FISH! Philosophy

Welcome to Seattle! At Pike Place Fish Market you’ll see lots of flying fish. But we saw more: Great customer service. Teamwork. Energy. and results. So how can you bring this kind of energy to your organization The answers are in FISH! the most-watched training video in the world. The FISH! Philosophy is a fresh […]