Liverpool: “Beatles and Pandeiro” ft. Milena Sá & Jo Herring (Part 1) [Subtitled]

Sometimes I wonder where music can take me in the world Because for me Music Es Un Voyage My first stop in England was in Liverpool where I met Joe a composer whose inspiration to become a musician came from this musical city Like many other visitors to Liverpool I went in quest of the […]

Liverpool: “Beatles and Pandeiro” ft. Milena Sá & Jo Herring (Part 2) [Subtitled]

Music Es Un Voyage In this episode I talked a bit more with Jo about her composing process and her relationship with music Then I went back to meet milena and she told me about her efforts to bring Choro and other rhythms from her culture to Liverpool she talked about her idea of forming […]

Gill Ellis Young – Take a Ride in her Cars

I’m wearing nylons and no panties. Would you like to have a look? Okay, let’s get out Hi, I love wearing this dress blows around so much in the wind quite often blows up many love Tell me What you think to the cleavage yeah, it’s like that Do you think I’m showing enough I […]

Let’s Try JELLIED EELS! feat. Fresh Mike Eats & Yumm3i

Hello from a sunny, summer London! I’m about to hop a bike to get some jellied eels. That’s a totally normal thing to say, right? All right, successful bike ride, and now I’m here with Mike and Amy, of Fresh Mike Eats, the YouTube channel. -So where are you guys taking me? -Jellied eels!! -Jellied […]


Hello Internet it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen this is my mother, some of you may remember her from previous videos, I remember her because I came out of her. Today we are doing a food fear of jellied eels, jellied eels are basically eels that have been simmered in a spicy […]

Jellied Eels, Anyone?

– [Narrator] So, these are jellied eels. Eels in jelly. – [Booming Voice] Jellied eels! – [Narrator] And these are ells with no jelly, like, loads of eels, drawers of eels! Hold on to your seats! This might get a bit weird. (quirky music) So, we’ve got this giant giggly bowl of jellied eels (animated […]

Massholes Episode 15: Catfish and Coldcuts feat. Francia Raisa

PADDY: Jesus fucking Christ, Jimmy. You’ve died so many times in the last game, we can’t fucking get into this one. MAGGIE: You almost fucking died last night with that broad. JIMMY: Maggie’s right man. PADDY: Dude, that fucking broad was all right. I was trying to take her home. Why the fuck wouldn’t you […]

Thames sea trout in London 6 May 2013 metiefly blog at

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Camden, London | Exploring the Markets, Jellied Eels and Spotted Dick!

After an hour-long bus ride we have landed in Camden Town I didn’t know it was a town. I just thought it was a market, but maybe it’s got a town vibe I’m assuming there’s a market in it cause it is definitely Camden market right? Yeah, there’s definitely Camden Market That’s what the bus […]