The Best Cheap Salt Fish in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

– [Prez] My name is Prez, and I work at Thrillist. Around these parts, I’m known as the 5 Dollar Lunch Guy. Every episode, I’m gonna put you guys onto the very finest New York grub for $5 or less. (Prez sighs) Fishing, in New York? Are you serious? I mean, I know we’re trying […]

SoDa siblings’ house -Fishing trout in ice [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.19]

Soeul, Daeul. Do you know what we’re going to do today? – Fishing. / – That’s right. We’re going to catch trouts today. We’ve done a lot of things related to fish. Do you remember when we first went fishing? Yes. (They saw tropical fish for the first time.) Oh, my. It’s water. We own […]

Jodie Whittaker was nearly killed by a VENOMOUS spider filming Doctor Who | Graham Norton Show – BBC

Talking of frightening animals, though… Jodie, you were filming in… Where were you, South Africa? Yes. We did a bit… Yeah. This was Doctor Who in South Africa. This season, yeah. You had a proper terrifying encounter. Kevin would not like this. Yes, so… I’ll try and speak slowly so everyone understands. We were filming […]

Episode 2×01 – The Miseducation of Vincent Ranieri

– [Narrator] Previously on Herrings. – So how would I keep a man like you from finding a man like me? – Basically leaving a false digital trail. Simple misdirection. – There’s been talk this guy is keeping people off the grid by providing some kind of falsified information. – That man standing next to […]

Episode 2×06 – The Long Kiss Goodbye

– [Narrator] Previously on Herrings. – [Man] You’re basically blacklisted from any recovery or collection agency in the tri-state area. – Glenn told me she did things, terrible things. I think deep down inside he didn’t want her to have the money. (sighs) And I think she’s trying to kill me. I’ve been living out […]

The Red Herring Fallacy. Feat. Tony Abbott

In video we will be looking at the red herring fallacy and then see an example by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. A red herring is when an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention away from the original argument. This is often used to avoid dealing with an argument directly by shifting […]