Which Fish Did We Evolve From?

You’ve probably heard that every bony land-dwelling creature on Earth evolved from fish that grew limbs and crawled out of the water many million years ago. And yet, over 99% of the fish in today’s oceans, lakes, and rivers have incredibly delicate fins, formed by a series of spines covered by a thin web of […]

Ecosystem Diversity

Hi. It’s Mr. Andersen and this is environmental science video 9. It is on ecosystem diversity. A model we have talked a lot about so far is this idea that the earth provides life support for the society of humans which is driven by economy. Now economics is the choices that we are making but […]

The Secret Weapon That Could Help Save Bees

Hi, this is Alex, from MinuteEarth. Each spring in California, so many almond trees put out flowers at the same time that local bees can’t pollinate them all. So, almond farmers pay beekeepers to bring bees from all over the country at exactly the moment the trees flower. That might seem crazy, but, almonds and […]

Healthy Oceans: Sustainable Seafood | California Academy of Sciences

♪ (intro music) ♪ Are you ready to order yet? No, I know I want seafood, but I want to make sure my order is sustainable, and I hear eating too much of some fish can be bad for me. I never thought about that before, I just thought fish was fish. Some are seriously […]

Why We Sucked At Counting Fish (Until Now)

When Galileo trained his homemade telescope on the night sky, it transformed from a black pool populated by a few thousand stars into a sparkling sea filled with ten times the number. And today, with the help of bigger and better telescopes, we know that our home galaxy – the Milky Way – is an […]

Making of the Fittest: Evolution of the Stickleback Fish — HHMI BioInteractive Video

[MUSIC PLAYING] SEAN CARROLL: For tens of thousands of years, much of North America lay buried under ice up to a mile thick. Then the massive ice sheets receded. In what is now Alaska, ocean bound streams and rivers emerge, opening up new possibilities for countless species. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the animals that came […]


Hi. This is Mr. Andersen and this is environmental sciences video 20. It is on fishing. These are the famous Sri Lankan stilt fisherman trying to eek out a living catching fish in the surf. They make most of their money actually on tourists. But this is commercial fishing. We have been able to catch […]