Evolution is Real – 90 second proof!

Evolution is real Just look at bacteria… Bacterial infections are killed with antibiotics Bacteria evolves to become resistant to antibiotics Doctors do not prescribe antibiotics Willy-Nilly because bacteria can evolve to become resistant to antibiotics Most knowledgeable creationist accept this, but they call it “micro-evolution” they claim evolution can only cause minor changes to existing […]

There Was No First Human

[MUSIC] This is me. I’m a human. These are my parents, they’re clearly humans too. My grandfather, human. My great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather? Humans without a doubt. But my grandfather 185 million generations removed? Not a human. He was a fish. [MUSIC] Imagine you could take a picture of every ancestor down the line and put […]

How Do Sharks and Rays Use Electricity to Find Hidden Prey? | Deep Look

We live in a world full of electric fields. Animals, plants — even the earth itself — creates them. But only a handful of creatures can actually sense them. Sharks — also rays and skates… a whole group, animals called elasmobranchs — can actually detect electricity Maybe it’s like feeling the presence of someone hiding […]

Biological Themes

Hi all welcome back good today we’re going to talk about biological themes that connect all of biology we’re going to talk about some issues some theories and we’re gonna look at you know the the backbone or the base level of biology so let’s go ahead and get started so first off I remember […]

Top 10 Unbelievable Facts About The Biggest Shark Ever : Megalodon

10 Unbelievable Facts About The Biggest Shark Ever It won’t be wrong to say that sharks are among the most feared creatures on Earth and you don’t need us to tell you why that is! They have been known to gobble the mightiest of humans in one go or bite off their limbs, enough reason […]

LS4C – Adaptation

Hi. It’s Paul Andersen and this disciplinary core idea LS4C. It’s on adaptation. Remember the last video we talked about was natural selection which is differential reproductive success. In other words, each organism is made a little bit differently. And depending on how they do in their environment, they may survive and pass their genes […]

Upside-Down Catfish Doesn’t Care What You Think

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not rotate your phone. You’re looking at the upside-down catfish. Seven different species live in the Nile and Congo Basins of Central Africa. You might expect it to be anatomically different from a regular catfish. But it’s exactly the same. So why does this catfish swim […]

Natural Selection

Hello. It’s Mr. Andersen and welcome to Biology Essentials – video 1. This is on natural selection so I’ve included a picture here of Charles Darwin. Most people think that Charles Darwin is famous because he somehow invented evolution. That’s not totally accurate. Why Charles Darwin is famous is that he’s the first scientist that […]

Fantastic fish and where to find them (in the UK)

Some people wonder why I bother going diving in the UK – after all it’s bloody cold and you’re not going to see much wildlife, let alone any interesting wildlife. While it’s true that UK diving requires more than a few of the warmest thermal layers ever invented, the animals and algae you see when […]