Wild Fish Self Collected Fish Room Tour – Aquarium Co-Op

All right, we’re finally here down in the basement. Lawrence Kent and his fish room of amazing wonders. I know there’ll be fish that I see here today that I’ve never seen before. He showed me some pictures and stuff, so I’ve seen some stuff, but I know it’s going to blow your mind, so […]

Jagannathpur Fish Bazaar – জগন্নাথপুর মাছের বাজার

I hope your are all well Today we going to Jaganathpur Fish Bazaar & Auction We are going to show you guys all the different kinds/ Types of Fish Explain to you where the fish has come from? So Guys stay with us & make sure your subscribe to our channel Also don’t forget to […]


Okay, just a little quick intro to this one to kind of explain. What’s Happening, I’m sure you can all relate to how much this issue sucks And how we all go through it at a point in time in life, basically all my fish arrived [don’t] worry. They’re all fine That’s not where the […]