Shark deterrent research revealed

Over the last three years we’ve been funded by the state government through the Applied Research shark mitigation program it’s allowed us to test existing shark deterrent devices currently on the market to provide the public with some assurance that they actually work the Sharks are adorned with a very sensitive electroreceptors system so the […]


*grincement* Y a quelqu’un ? Si y a quelqu’un c’est pas drôle ! Et là t’as envie de me voir ? T’en as envie ? Connasse ! *musique d’intro ma foi très chill* Bonjour à tous et bienvenue dans Unknown Movies ! L’émission qui, sous couvert de vous présenter des films me permet d’assouvir mes […]

Real or Catfish (part 2) | How to Use Facebook Graph Search

Hi everyone! This is going to be part two of how to tell if someone online is real or not. Be sure to check out part one. There will be an annotation and a link to that video in the description. In that video I discussed some warning signs and tips to finding out if […]

Massholes Episode 15: Catfish and Coldcuts feat. Francia Raisa

PADDY: Jesus fucking Christ, Jimmy. You’ve died so many times in the last game, we can’t fucking get into this one. MAGGIE: You almost fucking died last night with that broad. JIMMY: Maggie’s right man. PADDY: Dude, that fucking broad was all right. I was trying to take her home. Why the fuck wouldn’t you […]

Fake Friend Request (Sketch about annoying fake catfish facebook request from hot girls) | VLDL

What’s her name? Do you guys ever get this catfish friend requests? Ah all the time Let’s have a look ??????? She will be real bro, woman of your dreams good woow, Obviously she’s a fake person absolutely She’s got no friends, no photos apart from this incredibly hot profile picture Oh, I see she […]

THE ROMANCE SCAM: Are You Talking to a Catfish?

hey guys I’m to Danielle from the Sacramento better business bureau and this is torch talk when I talk to victims of romance scams they say things like I can’t believe I fell for that but the truth is you fall victim to scams because scam artists are good at what they do and victims […]

5 Dark & Twisted Catfish Stories

Catfishing is the act of online deception, whereby the deceiver invents and assumes a fake online identity in order to lure the interaction and attention of unsuspecting internet users. This nefarious activity can be motivated by love, revenge, jealousy or, as this video explores, for many other reasons. Today FactFaction Looks at 5 Of The […]

Catfish — Movie Review #JPMN

Before I begin, I should mention that Catfish is a film perhaps best explored without absolutely zero knowledge about its plot. But, if you’ve already heard something about it, or had the ending spoiled for you – it doesn’t diminish from its impact or effectiveness anyway. Either way, I will do my best to avoid […]

A Catfish Story With A Fairytale Twist Ending?! An Online Dating Story | What’s Trending Now!

A woman was catfished by an older man using a model’s photos and what happened next will shock you! Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Ava Gordy. Be sure to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE for more. 33-year-old Emma Perrier joined a dating app called Zoosk after a very bad breakup in 2015. She then […]

Julien Bam – CATFISH feat. Bodyformus (Raptime Story)

Your style is unique, there are none like you. How you laugh, that’s what I like, how you speak and your gaze. Your eyes are magical, incorrigible Very sympathetic, – Heart sent a hundred times She lives in the next village, we are quasi neighbors Imagine how our hearts beat in strict time But it […]