Vegan FISH with FAKE SKIN & Vegetarian EEL TASTE TEST – What does imitation fish taste like?

Greetings, my beautiful lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy! Welcome back! Today, I’m going to be tasting a couple of vegetarian and vegan products. So, I found these at my local Asian market and I had never seen them before. The first one being this. And this is vegan fish. Now, what I found so interesting about […]

THE ROMANCE SCAM: Are You Talking to a Catfish?

hey guys I’m to Danielle from the Sacramento better business bureau and this is torch talk when I talk to victims of romance scams they say things like I can’t believe I fell for that but the truth is you fall victim to scams because scam artists are good at what they do and victims […]

Fake Food YOU Eat Every Day!

From wood pulp to pig rectum do you know what you are actually eating? Here are 10 examples of foods that are not what they might seem! #10 Prime Meat The prime cut meats that smaller restaurants and corporations sell are one of the biggest complaints that high-end chefs and physicians make. That’s because ‘prime […]

How I Seize It #117: CATFISH

Hey! I’m the REAL Loretta Jenkins in all my scintillating glory keeping you up to date on all the new-fangly things they is out here in the world! And just so we clear- Hey! Look at me! I AM LORETTA JENKINS! You better memorize this face cause it’s gonna be lightin’ up the billboards one […]