Fruit Tree Spraying For Dormant Trees

Hi, I’m Tricia a California organic gardener here to offer you some tips on how to help your home orchard thrive! As Ben Franklin said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that is very true in the home orchard. Today I’m going to be applying dormant spray to my newly […]

Losing Sleep? All-Natural Ways to Fall Asleep and Get High-Quality Sleep

Welcome to I’m Dr. Axe. Today I want to talk to you about something I came across here, an article I was reading recently on how, if you don’t get enough sleep, or get good quality sleep, it can actually take years off of your life. Now sometimes I’ll bring up how important sleep […]

WorldAroundMe Ep39: Japan Fall Trip 6 (Hitachi Seaside Park, Fish Market, Kansai Aiport)

Hitachi Park, Ibaraki. This is Kochia (broom grass) Nakaminato Fish Market You can find oysters, clams, fish eggs, king crabs, especially fresh salmon and tuna A piece of salmon like this costs 500 yen ($5), isn’t it cheap? Fresh cuttle fish, 20 count I guess, costs 5000 yen ($50) Dried squid 500 yen ($5), It’s […]