SHARKS and MINNOWS / That YouTub3 Family

(playful music) – Hi, guys! Welcome back to– – [All] That YouTube Family! – And today, we’re playing Sharks and Minnows! (cheering) Alright, so, this is a playground wars game. So, the way you play Sharks and Minnows is that one person will be the shark, they will be in the middle of the field. […]

Coolest freshwater aquarium fish

FISH SPA PEDICURES | Fish Eat Our Dead Skin!

– [Jared] Are you ready my dear? – Yes. (bright music) – [Jared] We are going to get fish pedicures! – Yeah! (Jared laughs) He’s taking me fishing. – [Jared] Are you ready for this? – Yeah. Ah! Good morning guys, we have barricaded ourselves in my room. I’m like, the house is clean, kids […]