Aerocool Shark Blue LED 140mm Fan – Unboxing MirkoPcBlog

Today we’re going to open a aerocool shark 14cm blue edition This fan can be connected to the motherboard via two ways: power mode with the standard connection, or with its voltage reduction cable in silent mode version. When the fan will be connected in power mode will have these main features: spin to 1500 […]

Aquarium-Kühler – Wasserkühler – Test und direkter Vergleich! Macht so ein Kühler wirklich Sinn?

Attention! This is followed by an infomercial with product placement and product help! Moin, hello and welcome! I’m DerDickeDirk and you look Video from the area aquarium aquarium. In a video I have presented my homemade aquarium fan. Maybe remember you still? I link that video here again! Now came various questions that I just […]

What’s the Best Fish?

I am a fan of fish and my favorites are sockeye salmon, sardines, kippers, herring, black cod – these are all omega-3 rich fish – trout also. If people aren’t going to eat fish then I think it’s very important to take fish oil as a supplement.