Sunburst Trout Farms – My Ingles Story

My name is Wes and this is my Ingles story. Here we are at Sunburst Trout Farms we’re standing here in the Pisgah National Forest in front of our pristine federally protected watershed. We are the first to receive this water flowing freely out of the mountains directly into our farm. Which is the natural […]

Stinky Fish Challenge – Surstromming – Joe McCloskey Jr – Colorado Springs

– Hi guys, we’re gonna do the stinky fish challenge. And it is right here! – Yep. – And my dad is gonna eat it, and we have prizes, so if we run around we don’t get the prize. My prize is a bike. – And my prize is the Flipzee Girl. – Yep, this […]

Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics?

“Chicken Dioxins, Viruses, or Antibiotics?” Why was there so much more lymphoma and leukemia risk among those eating just a small serving of chicken a day? The reasons are unclear. Certainly there are industrial carcinogens, like dioxins, that may increase risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and have been found in meat and dairy. But the study […]