How To Kill Aquarium Algae with Bleach

Cleaning aquarium equipment with bleach When thinking about cleaning aquarium equipment, very few of you will consider cleaning aquarium equipment with bleach. However many of the large aquarium shops and fish wholesalers use this method as par for the course. Bleach is very effective at killing algae and other nuisance aquarium pests and if used […]

TOP FIN 2.5 Gallon “Embark” Aquaponics Tank – Unboxing & Setup (Filter Modification)

Hey guys, so this is just gonna be a quick little video, I got this new tank, they have this Top Fin Embark 2.5 gallon aquaponics tank on sale at PetSmart I got two of them for $5.39 each so that’s pretty cool go get one and they’ll price match it from their online price […]

How to Make Your Aquarium Water Look As Clear As Air

Hi. I’m Steve Poland. One comment I’ve gotten a few times since I started this channel is something along the lines of: Wow, what filter to you use? Your water is so clear! It looks like your fish are swimming in the air! Where is your water? Have you taught your fish to fly? And […]

How To: Set Up a Double Sponge Filter in Aquarium

Welcome back guys, Filtration is the key to any healthy aquarium. This video is about installing a sponge filter. I will also discuss the benefits of a sponge filter and how you can use one air pump to operate multiple sponge filters. In my previous video, where I build a DIY Sponge filter I didt […]

UNBOXING PETMOUNTAIN HAUL + setting up my new fish tank

Hey guys… today I’m unboxing some stuff I ordered from and Freya’s helping 🙂 I got a bunch of stuff for my fish and ….stuff ((I got tank decor and lots of filter media for another diy project I’m doing later)) oh boy.. sponge filters I’m going to be horrible at recording this by […]

HOW TO: clear aquarium water – POLISHER FILTER

Hi everybody, joey here again and welcome back. So today I’m going to show you guys a cheap and easy way to polish your aquarium water. Now the benefits to polishing your aquarium water are obvious. We all want crystal clear water with no floating debris. This project will allow you to accomplish just that. […]

How to: DIY Aquarium Continuous Drip System

What’s up YouTube. This is Steve Poland. I had a couple requests to do a video to cover my drip system, so I thought I’d do that. I guess, first thing I’ll say is that this is still a work in progress and…you know…as everything in the aquarium hobby is. I might tweak it probably […]

How to FILTER the Ghetto Aquarium – Ghetto Aquarium FILTER and Maintenance

what’s up fishtank people will sup dog Dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you on a sunday baby how’s everybody doing hope you’re doing well yo your boy D last week talked about the Genoa player but apparently white boi rebel Bayless won’t understand the word ghetto so I’m going to refrain from using the term […]