FLY TV Squeeze – Gotland Sea Trout

Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze. Today, we are on the beautiful island of Gotland. On the east coast of Sweden. My friends from FishYourDreams are here. We will see if we can catch some nice silvery sea trout. So Per, what are the conditions today? We are being disturbed and harassed by […]

Hunting And Cooking with Mike Robinson: Fishing for Trout

Always the dodgiest part of getting in a canoe. Now this, is my secret little lake. It’s fed from a gorgeous little stream, just up there, comes all the way down through the woods and I very kindly got permission to put a few trout in this lake, ages and ages and ages ago. There […]


During the renovations one of the tanks that we moved fish from was a wall from over here to over here I took a couple logs popped them in the tank and tossed in a Piece of or at least a mat of java fur and they quickly ate the java fern then I mentioned […]

How To Setup a Ghetto Aquarium, the “I’m Broke Aquarium” Quick & Easy

what’s up fishtank people what’s up dog just as fishtanks branches you on a Sunday baby want to talk today about the ghetto aquarium that’s right today we’re talking about the ghetto I’m broke as hell Aquarians we’re gonna talk about a ghetto aquarium we’re gonna talk about ghetto substrate we’re gonna talk about ghetto […]

Intense Fish: Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout with Streamers on the Big Hole River

Got one on! Oh yeah! Dude (Laughing). Hey guys today I’m coming to you from Five Rivers Fly Fishing Lodge in Dillon Southwest Montana. Today we’re going to be fishing the Big Hole River while we’re down here for three days. So, lets go catch some fish. The big hole river is located in beaverhead […]

Intense Fish: Catching Tons of Brown & Rainbow Trout Fishing the Madison River

There we go. That’s gonna be a fish I just know it. I know it. Oh yes, it was! Oh ha! There it is! Oh he’s a beast! Oh, there it is! On a very warm afternoon in late June we decided to fish the famous waters of the lower madison river just outside of […]

ADDING THE FISH! Frank meets his aquarium wife… | The King of DIY

Today’s a big day, you see, Frank is meeting his future wife for the first time. You see I ordered a female flower-horn a couple of weeks ago and now she’s here and gone through a fast-tracked quarantine process which is medicating the water as well as her diet. Flower-horns are pretty healthy and will […]

Intense Fish: Catching Huge Brown Trout Fishing the Gallatin River

(Laughing) (Laughing) On a very cold and rainy July 27th afternoon, we decided to give fishing the Upper Gallatin river a shot. Having fished accesses upstream many times before we chose some place new. Surrounded by private bison grazing land the stretch of the river at the base of gallatin canyon seemed relatively un fished. […]

10 Biggest Fish Catches In The World

Fakten schlechter präsentiert zehn größte Fische Fänge in der Welt Nummer eins Hummer 44 Pfund sechs Unzen der durchschnittliche erwachsene Hummer wiegt zwischen ein und zwei Pfund der größte Hummer jemals gefangen wurde im Februar 1977 in Nova Scotia Kanada es wog 44 Pfund sechs Unzen und es war über 44 Zoll lang die zweite […]