Andørja world record expedition, behind the scenes – Small Fish Stories

-Yes, I am trying -Hey Joel, are you free to talk right now? – Are you doing good? – Did you miss three bites!? Really? – That was Joel, it doesn’t look too good right now – He missed three sharks today. And it has been perfect conditions. – As it looks, the weather will […]

Fish Tacos Recipe-How To Make Mexican Food Recipes-Pico De Gallo-Cilantro Dressing

Hi friends my name is Mai today we are making delicious fish tacos with a cilantro dressing we will be wrapping our tacos in flour tortillas. The fish we are fillet of Cod. To marinate the fish you will need cumin powder, kosher salt, crushed peppercorns, olive oil garlic powder, coriander powder, and chili powder […]

Week 10: What you may not have known about live rock | 52 Weeks of Reefing

Today on BRS it’s everything you ever wanted to know about live rock. Hey guys my name is Ryan, welcome to another week of the BRS 160 where every week we do our best to help you guys, members of the reefing community enjoy your tanks and find new ways to explore the hobby. We […]

DIY – How to make Automatic Fish feeder for under 5$ [Subtitle]

Hello friends, today in this video, i am gonna show you how to make this automatic fish feeder so for this project all we need is an arduino board some fish food, a microservo motor few plastic bottles some hot glue okay you can see at the bottom there is a yellow plunger kind of […]

Finding Nemo Dentist Office Fish Tank Animals

Hey everyone!Ocean conservation and marine life expert Jaclyn Friedlander here. Today we’re going to learn about the real animals behind the characters Bloat, Deb, Jacques, and Gurgle from Finding Nemo. All of these animals lived with Gil Bubbles and Peach in the dentist office fish tank in the movie. Ff you want more info on […]

Where The Big Fish Rises, Part II Bosnia, Fly fishing small streams big brown trout dry fly

What do you think about the week with us I survived Thats the most important thing A lot of fishing Very few hours of sleeping And casting casting casting casting casting Any normal guy wouldn’t survive 14 hours of fishing a day. From five a clock in the morning until nine a clock in the […]

iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder in Action

Anglers have got everything, it’s a nightmare to buy for them. But if you’re looking for a gift for the angler in your life, this is the answer. It’s the iBobber. It will help you catch more fish, bigger fish and transform your sport. Check this out…

Five Things about Square Spot Anthias (ft. Miss Saltwater Tank)

Hi everyone, I’m here to talk a bit about Anthias with some help from Louise A.K.A. Miss SaltwaterTank. I like having her on whenever the topic of fish comes up because she’s much more into the fish keeping side of the hobby while I quite predictably am more into the coral side. Thanks for having […]

Lost at Sea: the story of a baby fish

I would like you to imagine to be a baby fish. You are small like a rice grain, you are very cute and you are happily drifting in the ocean. When you are about two weeks old your body starts changing, you become strong, you grow functional fins. But most importantly your instincts are telling you that […]