Hello, my name is Lilly Onakuramara, I was born with gills like a fish.

(barely audible) Hello. My name is Lilly Onakuramara. I have gills like a fish. I-I’m sorry, what was that? (sighs) (still barely audible) HellomynameisLillyOnakuramara… …Iwasbornwithgillslikeafish. One, two, three, four.

Fish Gill Cell Culture System (FiGCCS)

this short film is checks the precise methods employed successfully grow fresh water rainbow trout kills cells impermeable membrane insert in primary culture through the double threaded insert or DSi technique this fiscal cell system can be used for studying freshwater girl physiology toxicity testing and for environmental water monitoring ensure sterile culture techniques employed […]

WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK!?! My pet aquarium fish

oh Where’s Frank is Frank dead r.i.p? Frank Frank Frank Frank We want to see frank give us Frank show us Frank in your next video proof Frank is still alive This is what I’ve been dealing with for the last few days hundreds if not thousands of comments Just like that so in today’s […]

Modern Human Migration and Echolocating Eels

There’s something that’s been puzzling scientists for a while. We knew that modern humans originally came from Africa about 200,000 years ago, but… we didn’t really know when we left. According a paper published this week in Nature, teeth found in Fuyan Cave in the Hunan Province of China puts prehistoric modern humans, or homo […]

EEL | HUNTING! in La Paz, Mexico | Scuba Diving

I filmed this using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, Backscatter Filter, and Sealife Video Lights in October. I edited with Final Cut Pro. I travel with a scuba diving group from New York called Scuba Network, NYC. The local operation is called The Cortez Club.

Creatures of the Sea – Color changing Ribbon Eel

Morskie Zwierzęta – Fiszki Murena wstążkowa Rozmiar – 90-130cm Zmiana koloru – Obojniak. Młode są czarne, jak dorastają zamieniają się w niebieskie samce i tylko niektóre potem zamieniają się w żółte samice. Niepozorny – Zazwyczaj widać tylko wystający pyszczek, ale ma bardzo długie ciało schowane w szczelinach rafy. Rzadki i terytorialny – Poluje na małe […]

FLY TV Squeeze – Gotland Sea Trout

Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze. Today, we are on the beautiful island of Gotland. On the east coast of Sweden. My friends from FishYourDreams are here. We will see if we can catch some nice silvery sea trout. So Per, what are the conditions today? We are being disturbed and harassed by […]

Hunting And Cooking with Mike Robinson: Fishing for Trout

Always the dodgiest part of getting in a canoe. Now this, is my secret little lake. It’s fed from a gorgeous little stream, just up there, comes all the way down through the woods and I very kindly got permission to put a few trout in this lake, ages and ages and ages ago. There […]


During the renovations one of the tanks that we moved fish from was a wall from over here to over here I took a couple logs popped them in the tank and tossed in a Piece of or at least a mat of java fur and they quickly ate the java fern then I mentioned […]