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World’s Smallest Fish Curry Making | Smaller Than Rice | COSTLIEST FISH | Tastiest Food in the World

Fisherman’s boat is reaching the river bank Fisherman is bringing world’s smallest fish(Sheramenu) in a pot Its 20000rs for whole pot , each one for 200rs ok final each one for 200rs 195…190..185..180…175..170..165..160..150 145…140..135..130..125..120..115..110..105…100 total of 10000rs 99..98..97..96..94..93..92..90 89..88..87….till 1 …totals 20000rs put the fish into a tray with fingers gently dab the fish add […]

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Masala Fish Curry Recipe | Homemade Machli Ka Salan | Tasty Singhara Machli ka Salan by Food Segment

In a wok, add oil and heat at a medium flame Add onion slices and fry until it turns into light brown Keep it aside to use after a while In the same oil, add garlic paste and fry to remove its raw smell When it starts to give aroma, add spices into it Mix […]


Hello youtube viewers, greetings to you all Today I’m gonna cook trout fish curry After cleaning it, I’m gonna cook it in massala (curry) Very deliciously, also I’m gonna cut off the head I’m cleaning it by scrapping the fish So it’s nicely clean now I have clean it and took out all the waste […]

How to make Trout Fish Curry (Indian Style)

how do you make Trout Fish Curry (Indian Style) 2 Trauts clean, cut and wash into small pieces garlic and ginger sufficient maybe a small piece of ginger cleaned and cut into small pieces Garlic 2 – 3 pieces garcinia, cloves, Garcinia or tamarind . Garcinia is good for reducing your weight and a tasty […]

Catfish Fry Recipe | Very Tasty Big Catfish Fry

Turmeric Powder For Cleaning Adding Masala Turmeric Powder Red Chilli Powder Salt Ginger Garlic Paste Garam Masala Kabab Masala Lemon Juice Mix Well… 6 KG Catfish Wow.. Super… Very Tasty If You Like This Video Give a Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe…

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Fish Curry Recipe In Hindi | फिश करी | Fish Curry Indian Style | Recipe In Hindi | Seema Gadh

Hello. Welcome to Swaad Anusaar. Earlier I have shown you the recipe for fried fish. And then I received a lot of request for a fish curry recipe. So come, let’s make ‘Fish Curry’. This I have taken 1 kg Ravas Fish. (Indian Salmon). Which I have cleaned and washed. Then I’m adding 1 tsp […]

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fish marinated with salt and turmeric powder