Eating Fish Does This To Your Body

did you know that because it was typically eaten on days with religious significance the word halibut actually translates to holy flatfish throughout many different parts of the world fish has been regarded as a staple food for various different cultures throughout history and for good reason – there are a number of positive health […]

Eating Fish: What You Need to Know

Eating fish. What you need to know. Fish is a source of high-quality protein, antioxidants, vitamin D, minerals, and varying levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids, not to mention low in saturated fat. However, concerns about mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, are legitimate and need to be considered when selecting certain varieties of fish. […]

Is Fish Oil Really That Good For You? (The Health Benefits of Fish Oil)

People in the United States spend about $1.2 billion dollars with a B annually for fish oil pills– and of the 10 per cent of Americans who take them, 90 per cent of people do so without a recommendation from their doctor. That’s a lot of people! But what is the science on fish oil? […]

What’s the Best Fish?

I am a fan of fish and my favorites are sockeye salmon, sardines, kippers, herring, black cod – these are all omega-3 rich fish – trout also. If people aren’t going to eat fish then I think it’s very important to take fish oil as a supplement.