The main difference between aquaculture and aquaponics

Hello aquaponics growers. This is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics. So my aim is to help you to grow sustainable, healthy, and tasty food locally in your own backyard, thanks to aquaponics. Today, I would like to talk about the difference, the main difference between aquaculture and aquaponics. So aquaponics is a combination of two techniques: […]

Huge Amount Big Size Live Pangasius (Pangas) Fish Selling To Village Wholesale Fish Market.

Pangasius Fish

You would not believe how this fish farm raise THOUSANDS of FISH to grow faster

Hi guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you are here back at Dexter’s world chanel Today we’re going to greet our friends from America our friends from Switzerland our friends from Canada our friends from Europe and our friends from India, of course We have so many viewers in this countries and I […]

Should You Avoid Farmed Fish?

This episode of Dnews is brought to you by Audible. Cows are farmed, pigs are farmed, plants are farmed… and there’s a debate about the health benefits of ALL of those things. So what about fish? Is farming fish okay? We learned to fish long before we learned farming or domesticating animals, and today, we […]