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There’s SHRIMP.. SEA BASS, for example… …this is Hake. The CARROT was hard, but it will become soft) Here, have BEET… You will need GARLIC… I picked up the BROCCOLI… CAULIFLOWER is delicious… and White CABBAGES… Green onions crop residues, stubble and bagasse… frozen food: the larvae of lake fly midges,Daphnia magna, molluscs, ZOOplankton e.g… […]

HOW TO: Make DIY fish food – Best recipe – DISCUS FOOD

Hi, everybody Joey here again, and welcome back so in today’s video I’m going to show you guys how [to] make Do-it-yourself fish food [now] [the] reason of what prompted this video was very simple when I was writing my new book I included do-it-yourself fish food and when writing it. I realized that. There’s […]

Fish Food, Calculation Pond Rock & Pond Liner – Ask T.P.D. Show 29

Hey, today we’re gonna talk about koi food, pond liner, and calculating rock for your pond. [MUSIC] First question is from a YouTube guy, Pedro Marquez. I believe that’s Marquez. Yes, it’s Marquez! How you doing, Pedro? It’s a good question. He wants to know, what’s the best koi food to use, and how much […]

What is the best aquarium fish food?

Feeding your fish correctly is very important to their health and the health of the fish. There are many types of fish food and my video explains what types are commonly available to buy. How often should I feed my fish and how much? This is dependent on the type of fish you are keeping […]

DIY – How to make Automatic Fish feeder for under 5$ [Subtitle]

Hello friends, today in this video, i am gonna show you how to make this automatic fish feeder so for this project all we need is an arduino board some fish food, a microservo motor few plastic bottles some hot glue okay you can see at the bottom there is a yellow plunger kind of […]

homemade fish food, aquaponics

Hello sustainable growers. This is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics. In this video, we’ll see, we’ll review the aquaponics setup of one of Melbourne Aquaponics’ followers called Huy, and he developed a nice little aquaponics setup and that’s what we’re going to review in this video. And look at the video until the end because at […]


Hey what’s up guys. Welcome to the pro tip Monday. It’s the first time I say this, cool. Guys in today’s pro tip we are talking about the Grindal worms. You’ve been asking me what is this little worm thing that I feed to my fish in the big 60 review video. So they are […]