How to make a pond in a pot

Hello, my name is Katie Rushworth and today I am going to show you how to make pond in a pot. A pond in a pot is a concept that I came up with because water is essential in a garden, especially if your want to attract wildlife but not everybody has the space for […]

fish shelter in the fish tank? | aquaponics

Should we have fish shelters in our fish tanks? Or should we leave the fish tanks empty? This is what we’re going to see together in this video. [Music] So today we’re going to talk about fish shelters but before anything if you are new to this channel really you are welcome. Here you’re going […]

DON’T DO THIS – Water Garden Update – TOO MANY KOI Fish

how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well we interrupt your regularly scheduled techno Tuesday because we got way too much crap going on Tuesday today but there’s simply way too much going on however I’m excited because I do have a new microphone I’m actually this loud in real life here’s what’s going on […]


All right, so about 300 feet our size fish, let’s see if they’re interested so here we go So many of you been asking how the peacock bass and the pond have been doing and if they have eaten yet the simple answer Is yes sorta, but before we get to that let me show […]

Build a bamboo fish pond – Raising Catfish

Prim is my dog, i saved him from a pond in previous video digging a fish pond round shape around the hut bamboo slices for water leaking black mud mix with sand use bamboo as a wall around flooring bridge pillars it must stand firmly and strong grass prevent the soil to slip in water […]

Huge Koi Fish | Jumbo Koi Carp Harvest

Goedemorgen, vandaag is een speciale dag. We gaan de champion jumbo mudpond oogsten van de Marujyu Koi Farm. Als je de video van vorig jaar nog niet gezien hebt, check dan even de link hieronder in de omschrijving.. Zodat je het verschil kunt zien in resultaat t.o.v. vorig jaar. Ik heb er super veel zin […]

How to build a Fish Pond – Part 6 | Pond Liner & Underlayment

[SOUND] [MUSIC] We’re ready to put down the underlayment and the liner in the pond. It’s only gonna take a couple minutes. So I wanna take the time right now to answer some commonly asked questions that we hear all the time. One question that we get all the time is, how long is this […]

PREDATOR POND FISHING!!! | Feeding attempt

Okay, so the peacock bass have been here For about three weeks now I’ve actually taken you guys along for every step of the way from getting them adding them that’s happening to feed them Preparing the tank, etc. Everything that you guys seen is on this tank is the only thing I’ve done so […]

2880 Liter / 760 Gallon West African Biotope | MONSTER FISH TANKS ( in Full HD )

OH MY GOD ! Hello friends, my name is Buulik, I am 15 years old and in YouTube also known as “db.u.u.lik”. I hope, that all of you have got a great start in the new year And to begin my new YouTube year I decided to continue the MONSTERFISHTANK – Serie As contrasted with […]