How to Deal with Green Fish Tank Water | Aquarium Care

If you have green water it means you have free-floating, suspended algae in your water. I’ll tell you how to fix it. And then I’ll tell you how to prevent it from happening. If you go to your fish store they sell algicides. They’re either in pill or liquid form. These will help to kill […]

How to Solve Common Fish Tank Problems | Aquarium Care

Common fish tank problems would be your fish are sick, they’re not eating, the fish’s eyes are cloudy, just general health concerns of the fish. To fix that or to solve those problems you’ve got to look a little bit deeper. Let’s find the exact cause. Let’s see what’s wrong with the fish. Is it […]

Symptoms of a Fish Tank Problem | Aquarium Care

Some people who are not experienced don’t really know what to look for, so certain symptoms that you want to look for to diagnose problems or potential problems would be the following: you can look and see if the fish are eating as they normally eat. If fish stop eating or a couple of fish […]