Unboxing My 300 Gallon Aquarium!

This is part 4 in a series of videos about my new 300 gallon tank from Custom Aquariums. If you missed the first 3 parts I will link to a playlist for the project down in the video description. When we last saw the tank, it was being loaded onto a truck at the Custom […]

How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank | Aquarium Care

To set up a goldfish tank, let me define tank. Most people, when they buy a goldfish, when they win a goldfish at a carnival, it usually comes in a bowl. I think goldfish bowls are one of the top sellers at aquarium shops, so let’s talk a little bit about bowls, and then let’s […]

Airbnb Competition to sleep inside a fish tank with 35 sharks

Giving a new meaning to the phrase sleeping with the fishes! This is a sleepover like no other. Airbnb are offering its users the chance to win a night in an underwater bedroom at Aquarium de Paris. Scared yet? Well what if we told you the lucky winners will be submerged in three million liters […]

FISH ROOM OF A LEGEND: My Favorite 77 Year old FISHTANK MASTER Larry Brown (2018)

(upbeat music) – [Dustin] What do you wanna do? – I would like to you know maybe as a summer program when we are not having our meetings, is just have a get-together, and you know maybe a Saturday and we go and pick three or four fish rooms to go visit. Just go visit […]

Newport Aquarium: Fish, OCTOPUS , MASSIVE Aquarium Design Ideas

(upbeat music) What’s up fish tank people, Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video, gonna give you a little bit of update on what’s been going on with yours truly and my team and the Newport Aquarium. Back up a […]


– It’s time to tear up a 900 gallon aquarium folks, so. (claps) Biggest tank I’ve ever done, comin’ to you. (upbeat music) What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s Fishtanks bringin’ it to you. Talkin’ about a 900 gallon aquarium. How’s everybody doin’? I hope you’re doin’ well. In last week’s video we talked about […]

FishTank Official Trailer

[ Narrator ] Arisce, wow. Now she’s a mouthful. ( chuckles ) She’s got a mouth full. You have a man at home. You just went on a date, and you’re chasing– Another one. I don’t get it. How is it that I’m having such a hard time to even meet someone. Fuck him! And […]

How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man

– Well, there’s a part of you sometimes when you do shit like this you think, “Man, maybe I should’ve done this the other way around.” Because now I’ve got to try and pull this fish tank bottom off so we can make an entrance. And it might have all been to no avail, making […]

Setting Up a Fish Tank with Live Plants | Aquarium Care

To set up a planted aquarium is very similar to a regular freshwater aquarium but the plants are going to need very bright lights and when you have bright lights in the tank to promote photosynthesis you’re also going to get a lot of undesirable algae. So it’s a balancing act between having just enough […]

How to Pick Fish for a Fish Tank | Aquarium Care

There are a lot of options when picking aquarium fish. I really do recommend you get the advice of a good retail store employee. Find somebody with experience. Somebody that knows the specifics about your aquarium. The size, what your budget is, whether or not you want fish that are going to outgrow the tank […]