Product Review: Pinky Aquarium Filters

Hey everyone Steve Poland here from Steve Poland Cichlids Today I wanted to do a review of another one of the products that I use in all of my tanks and that is these Pinky Aquarium Filters They sell these through their website which is but you may have also seen their advertising on […]

How Do Fish Talk To Each Other?

Fish have been found singing off the coast of Australia. A belated Prince tribute, you ask? Well, no, not exactly. Hey guys, Natalia here for DNews today. The morning rooster has met its underwater match. Scientists have studied fish since the days of Aristotle, analyzing their body language and vocal behavior, but recent recordings off […]

The king of DIY FISH ROOM TOUR! | The King of DIY

Okay, so I realized there’s a ton of new subscribers to this channel and many of you need to be caught up on what I actually have going out here. So I plan to give you an entire tour of my fish room or aquarium gallery. This tour has to start outside, though. First and […]


Doing a layout, or planting a tank is a very personal thing. It’s an artistic thing. So I’m not gonna teach you how to do it. I’m just gonna give you some ideas, some basic rules that you can deviate from. You don’t have to follow these rules. What I’m gonna show you here is […]

Essential Aquarium Gear: Eheim Quick Vac Pro

Steve Poland here, And one of my most popular videos is about how to make water changes easier by attaching your python to a pump. If you missed that video, I’ll link to it down in the description. But one question I’ve gotten over and over again on that video, is “what about vacuuming out […]

5 ரூபாய் முதல் 5 லட்சம் வரை..Asia-வின் மிகப்பெரிய மீன்மார்கெட்!

When we saw the Fishes swimming in the fish tank in our home The Old ones also becomes the children’s As we saw the sudden turns and swim of that colorful fishes we will also feel ourself swimming, inside that fish tank The Chennai’s Kolathur is the big market place for pet fish They are […]

Aquarium Nursery

I use small aquarium nurseries to check and verify different ideas. This plastic box will do for checking on small plants and even fish up to about 3 cm. I trim off the rim of the cover to make it easier to take the cover on and off the box. Use another box, flipped upside-down, […]

How aquarium sumps are made

so today I’m back in Detroit with my man brian baer check, and he’s [taken] me [to] a very special place to [his] free to his friend Steve Bashi Tell me how you know this guy and what we’re about to see literally I’m not kidding you Steve Used to come into a pet shop […]