Amazing fish Catching videos || Catching fish By current Net p30

Amazing fish Catching videos

Catching Crab | Amazing Net Fishing For Tilapia | Catch n Cook Fish | Amazing Fishing Video

Catching Crab Catch n Cook Tilapia Fish It’s Time to Explore the Amazing Net Fishing We’re heading towards the net Finally Reached. Now looking for the fish. Keep watching because Within a short time, you’re going to see a funny crab catching moment. There you Go This crab stuck in this net trap. He is […]

Fish Catching Videos|Young Fisherman Catch Lot of Fish By Net |Fishing videos part-2

Fishing videos part-2

Never seen before!! | Harvesting Thousands of fish the most popular fish in the Philippines

Around two tons. Hey guys, it’s another beautiful morning once again, and you are here back at Dexter’s World Channel . Today we will make a video on how to harvest the milk fish And this is owned by my cousin’s Shout-out to Wilson Junsay and Merlyn Junsay the owner of this very big pond […]

MUD CRABS & MILK FISH FARMING | How to become successful in raising MUD CRABS & MILKFISH

Hey guys, it’s a beautiful day. Once again, you’re here back at Dexter’s World Channel Maybe we’ll ask Dexter. Where are you? well I’m here at the crab pond of my chief he is my office mate And he is operating a fish pond. We are privileged enough that he allowed us to have a […]

Amazing Deep hole Trap Catch a lot of fish and eels Make By Smart Boy in cambodia

like dan subscribe ya .kayutanam Terjemahan Indonesia oleh: Dolok B Ini kita lagi ngorek tanah Buat apa co? Hmmm? Entar tunggu aja. Baru juga mulai. Tapi bisa kan? Udah. Sabar kau. Jadi kita manggang ya, bawa sambal. Lagi cari mangsanya ini Haaa… Bawa gitar. Gitar ya. Ia. Jebakan ikan yang kayak kemarin, lagi dibikin ini. […]

Incredible Rural Village Fish Market । Catching catfish by hand In Mud water | fishing | NatureOfBD

en el mundo de un lado los pastores de ella no hay alguien más en dulce de todos los pueblos m i nada muy suelto de esta manera yo al mar i hoy ahora ve tu mano y elige bien con el pasador y a la gente muy bien y william a sí por la […]

Fishing Mantis Shrimp – Bamboo traps catching giant mantis shrimp

today I will look for mantis shrimp and not as usual today is a little around nine o’clock okay as usual … I look for the air there come on den let’s..! – go first put it down on the pajangan island there are so many mantis shrimp even though it has been taken many […]