Herring, Shad, Eels & Sturgeon – Diadromous Fish Basics

[MUSIC] Today I’m here at the St. Stephen fish lift. I’m gonna be meeting up with freshwater fisheries biologist Bill Post who’s in charge of the diadromous fish project. We’re gonna learn how different diadromous species move from down river to up river to get to their spawning grounds. [MUSIC] Well diadromous fish include a […]

Pet Fish Care : Pet Shark Care

Hi, I’m Hunter from the Austin Aqua-Dome. Caring for a pet shark is best left to trained and experienced saltwater hobbyists. Sharks are somewhat more difficult than most of the tropical fishes to keep and thus you should have some experience in keeping saltwater clown fish, damsel fish, and other larger saltwater fish before you […]

Boat Stories: Fishing for Clovelly Herring

Yeah the way I fish I’m probably the last traditional herring fisherman in Clovelly now. I fish in an old traditional boat, the Picarooner and I don’t use an engine we either row or we sail. Up the coast to where the herring is. The village of Clovelly here was built on the herring. Nearly […]

North Carolina Trout Fishing – Alleghany County

Hey guys its Middle Tree Outdoors again, we up here at rifle range and show you how how we fish a little bit. We got the purple PowerBait worm right here we’ll try it. We got some live bait crawlers, night crawlers we’re gonna try to get you some film of us while we’re fishing, […]

How to Fillet Fish : Remove Gills from Fish

Hi! This is Brue Marnie on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, we are going to show how to gut a saltwater fish. Once we’ve completed the incision along the abdomen, now we are going to grab the fish’s opercular plate and open up the gill area reaching in with our finger and lifting […]


Peter I am showing you now my favourite sea trout spot This spot is an elongated sandbar and even though it’s a bit tricky to reach this spot it’s always worth giving it a try! Once you are on the sandbar you can fish it in all directions and there is lots of interesting structure […]

Trout Fishing with Powerbait – Bottom Fishing – Trout fishing – Fishing with Adam

Fly Fishing New Zealand Ahuriri River Rainbow Trout ニュージーランドでフライフィッシング レインボートラウトが釣れた!

I’m not nodding off. I can drive a car if I’m sleeping. It’s end of 2018. I’m heading to Ahuriri river from Queenstown, 2 hours driving. Now I ran across a guy looks like fishing guide. It’s a promising signal. The first fish comes up! 野生のニジマスだよ。 Big fish! Big fish! Ah..it’s a smaller than I […]

Best cast net fishing video – Catching & Catfish using Skills Cast Net Fishing By Botan Balık Avı

Yes friends today is winter day today is winter day a beautiful day again muhdi our brother we came cast net fishing we came to fish Hopefully we’ll watch a nice video Yes you see Muhdi brother Yes talat as you can see again we came to old hunting grounds as you can see, we’re […]

Children’s Lake stocked with thousands of pounds of trout

My name is David Hurst and I’m the Waterways Conservation Officer for Cumberland County. People call us the fish warden. Today we’re stocking Children’s Lake with adult trout made at the Huntsville State Fish Hatchery. We’re putting about 3,500 pounds of fish in the lake in anticipation, preparation for the regional opening day at trout […]