Jelli Slime Aquarium – Blindfolded Tiny Hands Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

(lighthearted music) – Hi, guys, it’s Audrey, and I’m here with– – Jordan, from the channel Just Jordan 33. – And today, we’re gonna be making some slime aquariums. And Orb sent us these Jelli Worldz, super cool, so thank you. So we’re gonna be trying all these, we’ve never made slime aquariums from these […]

JAR FULL OF FISH for Slime Sam

Nope… Perhaps this one will do… Not it either.. This one? Oh, Sammy, these are very beautiful pictures of fish! I’m rather happy you like these pictures. Because quite soon we’ll have a couple of these fish at home. Er… what? How? Well, I’m planning to get a fish bowl with the most beautiful fish. […]