Blueback Rainbow trout fishing in New Zealand South Island ニュージーランド南島でブルーバックレインボーを釣る

A helicopter is going to take off! Backcountry fishing? I start with Oreti River today I am always troubled by the wind on Oreti River. The wind is strong again. just do it! I’m Yoshi Tsugiyama in Oreti River and this is Hikikomori just exploring whole day I moved in next section How should I […]

Rainbow trout fishing in New Zealand South Island ニュージーランド南島で虹鱒を釣る

Only tiny brown again I had only one pan sized brown today I met several angler on the water then they said there is no bug flying so it’s little bit too early to fish I talked with several anglers They mourn that they can’t catch fish despite coming to New Zealand. Insects flying is […]

How to catch tiny Brown trout in New Zealand 小さなブラウントラウトの釣り方 ニュージーランド編

My google map is shut down! I’m at big pool but can see nothing when I was driving my google map was shut down I was so confused but it was fixed after the update the app Ouch! Hey! It’s hail I’m fishing with hailing suddenly heavy hailing Brown trout is rising rising! rising! Two […]

Fly Fishing Bow River Alberta, Canada Rainbow trout カナダのボウリバーでフライフィッシング

Oh, you know? I saw many boats and SUPs were so noisy on the water and I have the limit to stay at there If you see that I’m little bit nervous It’s not your fault Just I couldn’t catch a fish I like these kind of signs makes me so relief Can I speak […]

Fly Fishing Cutthroat trout on Dry fly Oldman River Southern Alberta, Canada カナダでフライフィッシング カットスロート

I’m on my way to Oldman river where I visited the day before yesterday If you are a beginner you can go to Banff National Park but I’m not a beginner I’m not a Disneyland boy so I’m on my way to the Oldman river Bye Disneyland! so cold water OwowCow! Cows across the road […]

Pesca aos Lucios com Savage Gear 4D Rattle Trout (4K Ultra HD)

hi guys and welcome to another fishing video, I am in Sabor river is a hard winter day has you can see the clouds promise rain and I’ve already caught some is a far away place from home but there is a specie that this winter I will try to fish more the Pike I […]

Pesca ás Trutas de kayak em Portugal (4K ULTRA HD)

hi guys and welcome to another fishing video today is my first day of the year fishing for Trout I am in a new river, this is a new river for me, I fish here in the past but from shore I will fish this left side because people can´t fish here, too many trees […]