Catfish Fishing with Crankbait Late Summer 2015/ Welsangeln mit Wobbler/ Риболов на сом

– This time I caught him!


Coi nào bà con, ohm, con cá trê chà bá nè bà con! Câu cá là một trong những loại hình giải trí khá phổ biến trên thế giới, kể cả Việt Nam chúng ta. Khi nghĩ đến việc câu cá chúng ta thường nghĩ đến việc đi câu cá ở sông, rạch, hồ hay […]

Iowa Catfish Challenge

all right so 24 hours 24 pounds of catfish stipulations are each fish must weigh at least 1 pound just like the full of these tiny little sub 1 pound fiddler catfish so I don’t want to mess than those would be too easy so you know this lake it holds anywhere from you know […]

Спининг Риболов: Атаки и Сом/ Spinning Fishing: Attacks & Catfish/ Spinnfischen: Attacken und Wels

20th of January. Fish, fish! Nothing, it came off. I got a bite! It came off again! Now Tsetso is going to tell me what what I’m doing wrong. Right, Tsetse?! Yes. Let’s see! You are casting down there. You have to cast up there; there is the edge. Tsetse, they were attacking right here. […]

All The Varieties of Freshwater Catfish is Shown in This Video tropical aquarium fish

the black-spotted corydoras has a yellow gray body covered in dark speckles they are a well camouflaged catfish with short barbells and they swim near the bottom of the tank scavenging for scraps of food they like a well planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places that can provide shade from the light soft sand […]

Fishing for catfish in a Pond Using Dry Fish | Catch n Cook Fish | How to Catch Catfish

Fishing for catfish in a Pond Using Dry Fish Catch n Cook Fish How to Catch Catfish This Catch n Cook Fishing video is a unique fishing video on How to Catch Catfish by fishing hook using dry fish. It was an Amazing Fishing video at Battambang for Catfish experience for us. We’re glad to […]

Pellet Fishing for UK Wels Catfish

hi welcome to the north west carp blog it’s summertime the carp have spawned they’re down in weight out of condition so it’s time to change species for a while and today I’ve come to this lake to target catfish now catfish are warm water feeders so this is a perfect time to fish for […]

Fishing Catch & Cook Catfish, Day 6 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E07 Survival

– [Zach] Oh beautiful fish! – Isn’t it? You know what the specialty of this fish is? – [Zach] What? I’m Zachary Fowler and that’s The Wooded Beardsman and this is– – Season Four of The Wilderness Living Challenge. (upbeat music) (gunshots) Yes! – [Zach] The goal of the challenge is to gain or maintain […]

Gone fishing, caught a nice Catfish!!!

brothers and sisters hello there youtubers today I’m gonna make a vlog I’m going fishing with my son here so can a Muslim fish; why not so let’s go do some fishing and il show you a catch of the day I hope I’m gonna bring something big so you can see, okay we’re gonna […]

River Monster Fishing for Wels Catfish in Spain

Oh yeah. Ok, so this is going to keep us dry. Oh, wow. [Gary] There’s a lot of room. [Larysa] There is room for dancing. Oh yeah. You know that playing music helps catch fish, right? [Gary] It’s like cooking breakfast – you always get a bite. [Larysa] You’re messing with me now. Ok. First […]