How To Fish A Senko | Bass Fishing

There we are. There we go. There we go. Come here. I just want to show your face. C’mon. You got a face full of Senko buddy. Look at that. He’s got a mouth full of Senko. Weightless Senko that’s what we’re talking about today. Not a huge fish but, where do you think the […]

How To Fish A Jig for Bass: The BEST Jig Fishing Tips for Insane Limits!

Glenn: There we go. Keri: Oh, hello. You got him. Oh, boy. He is wrapped around a tree. Keri: You gotta go in and get him. Glenn: Come here. Keri: You’re gonna have to go in and get him. Glenn: Come here. Come here. Keri: And let him back in the water. Glenn: Let’s see […]

7 Best Bass Lures That Work Year Round | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here at And one of the problems I see all the time on our forums and people asking me questions is, what kind of lure should they get? Especially, if you’re starting out, or if you’re on a budget, or maybe you’ve been on hiatus for a while and you’re […]

Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure !!!

Title : Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure today I am using curly tail shad lure for fishing Wallago fish normally a freshwater fish today Morning I hope we will be blessed with a karanji fish.   Emy he casting on another side of the bridge. If I […]

Trout Fishing with Powerbait – Bottom Fishing – Trout fishing – Fishing with Adam

Big Catfish Live Attack/ Waller Angeln mit Wobbler Live Biss/ Атака на голям сом на воблер

– There he is! – Did he bite? – How to take this out now? – Katya! – Hurry up! Big catfish! Distance to the catfish: ca. 15 m/ 50′. Guess his weight! – A catfish! – He unhooked! – No! – A big catfish! – He was a big one! – He’s here! – […]

Airbrush Painting Custom TROUT SWIMBAIT! (River2Sea S-Waver)

okay what’s going on everybody its NIC back here with one more cast and in today’s video I’m actually gonna be painting my first swimbait ever so right here I have a blank of a river2sea s waver this is in the 120 size I just found these blanks online and I’m super excited about […]

Savage Gear Line Thru Trout SwimBait | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks. Glenn May here with I’m here at the Savage Gear booth at ICAST 2015 checking out some brand new stuff. And you got to see what caught my eye here. Now I’ve seen some swimbaits, the 6-inch swimbaits, they got the 8-inch swimbaits, and there’s even the big 12-inch swimbaits. Well, […]

Trout Lures For Norway | Rapala® (English Captions)

Trout fishing is what gives us that extra kick when it comes to fishing. Trying to read the rivers, pinpointing the hot spots for really big trout. That’s what truly gives us that adrenaline rush. Over the years this has developed into our true passion, catching really big trophy trout. That’s what pushes us forward. […]

How To Cast Light Lures with a Baitcaster | Bass Fishing

Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and a common question that we get on the forums is, how do I cast light baits (lures) on baitcasting gear? So, today I’m gonna show you just how to do that. First, I wanna talk about the rod. What you want is a medium power rod with […]