Korda Underwater 7 FULL DVD Part 1 | Carp Fishing

If I’m looking a little bit dishevelled, it’s because I really am. I’ve just gone through the most amazing experience of my angling career. Mother Nature has thrown everything she possibly could at us. We’ve had Siberian weather even though it’s the beginning of spring. We’re at the Linear Complex in Oxford. We’re fishing St […]

Trout fishing with POWERBAIT

Hey guys so we’re up here at strawberry reservoir. Haven’t fished up here since I was a little kid actually. But I am going to start out with the powerbait, this is the yellow and chartreuse. This is the double whammy, you may have seen in one of my other videos. So basically I have […]

Trout Fishing with POWERBAIT and Bobbers

We’re Down at Salem Pond again. Thanks for watching Fishing with Adam. We’re going to be using powerbait underneath some bobbers. What I noticed when I was making my bottom fishing video is that my hooks were too heavy to stay floating even with alot of powerbait on it. So I figured I’d try some […]

ซับไทย Mekong giant catfish rig for under B5000 and how to mix bread bait

what’s up folks I’ll spank a hooker here and I’d like to update you guys on what I’ve been doing so far I know I haven’t been uploading any new videos for a while I’m sorry about that it’s simply because I broke my harddrive and in the process of trying to fix it broke […]

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass 5: Approaching a new water | Danny Fairbrass | Free DVD 2018

One of the questions I get asked at shows probably more than any other is: “I’m going on a new lake, where do I start?” Whilst it’s very difficult to answer that question at a show, what I hope to do over the next few sessions is show you how I fish a new lake. […]

Recommended Fishing RODS & REELS – Socal Arsenal

hey guys Ali Hussainy here from BD outdoors and local knowledge as a new thing that we’re doing with local knowledge and on BD is we’re gonna start talking about more about the gear that we use in these short web videos my first thought was one of the most common questions we get is […]

Catch fish 4 x faster using GOO | Ali Hamidi & Matt Godfrey

Well, it’s a beautiful early spring morning. We’re in deepest, darkest Essex at Churchgate Fishery and I’m going to be joining my good mate, Matt Godfrey, a top match angler. And now that the Korda and Guru boys work so closely together at Korda HQ, we’re always talking about different methods and approaches that will […]


Witam w piątej edycji Carp Fishing Edges. Na tej płycie mamy pięć filmów, które przedstawiają różne taktyki i sytuacje. Na początku Tom Maker i Lewis Porter będą wędkować nad jeziorem Wraysbury. Będą mieli okazję spotkać sławnych mieszkańców tych wód. Razem z Tomem jesteśmy nad słynnym łowiskiem Wraysbury. Nad nami przelatują samoloty wylatujące z lotniska Heathrow. […]