Fishing Minute Tip: My Favorite Trout Setup

Hey there! You have closed captions on! As you may have noticed already, I verify and do random comments through all my videos Hope you enjoy these random “easter eggs.” 🙂 Did you know the F5 is for Family, Fitness, Firearms, Finances, and Fun!? Me neither….wait…. Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well! Welcome to another […]

Lake Trout Vertical Jigging – Rig Setup

Hey – I’m Captain Ben Wolfe with Sport Fish Michigan. We’re out here on Platte Bay, we’re going to jig up some lake trout this morning. I want to show you a little bit more in-depth the setup that we’re using to target these lake trout as well as the salmon. It’s a really simple […]

Mirrolure Top Dog Trout Fishing Walk the Dog Technique

You know guys, one thing I do when I’m fishing for big trout whether it be Mosquito Lagoon, Louisiana, where ever there’s big trout is, I will vary up my action like – it’s not just a steady walk the dog a lot of times. A lot of times I’ll stop it and I wait […]

Fishing Spinnerbaits Deep for Bass

That hit it as it was falling! I’m throwing a 3/4-ounce Strike King Heavy Cover Hack Attack Spinnerbait and I’m throwing it deep. I’m fishing it out in 10-17 foot of water and fishing it on 15-pound line. He’s staying down. There he comes, that’s a good one. He’s going to jump! Come here baby. […]