Catfish Fishing on Crankbait and Topwater Belly Lure/ Wels Angeln auf Wobbler/ Улов на сом

– I’ve to go down there. – The whole lure is in his mouth! – Good job, Katya! – Is he a good one? – Yes. – Let’s see! – Very good! – Nice! – Katya’s catfish. – I had to pull him out myself! – She caught him but I had to come down […]

“Going Fishing with Captain, John ‘Captain Catfish’ Trager”

Thank you very much. Alright. Thank you very much for having me here. I did do a few river cleanups, and it’s funny that it all ties back and now I’m here talking. I enjoy filling my boat up with trash and seeing how much stuff I can get in there. I’m John (Trager). I’m […]

Spinning Fishing for Wels Catfish Live Attack/ Waller Angeln Live Biss/ Pesca de Siluro/ Улов на сом

– Katya, come on! – A smaller one this time. – As good as it gets. – He’s pulling a lot. – The current is strong. – The cat is not very big. – The current is swift. – He has to breathe some air! – He’s surely 4 – 5 kg/ 9 – 10 […]

My Favorite way to COOK Trout

Hey Guys! We are going to show, I am going to show you how to cook a trout. Um…This one I caught earlier today, uh out in the snow, and it was the only one I caught uh next time there will be more. Uh.. But I want to cook it up and eat it […]

Chequamegon Bay Ice Fishing Trout (Tip Up Trout)

(energetic guitar) – Alright team, charge! This is unbelievable. Hey, you know something? I’m gonna tell you something, this is what it’s all about. – [Voiceover] We eat fishy. – [Voiceover] Look at the mouth on that. (gun shots) Ha ha ha ha. – [Voiceover] Larry Smith Outdoors is brought to you in part by […]