İki Sabah İki #Kofana Bir de Sürpriz #Baraküda ( Balık Avı )

It’s early in the morning. I’m here to try topwater lures. Let’s see. It’s 05:30. It is just before dawn. It is the best time for fishing. I start fishing at dawn. In Gazipaşa The wind is blowing from behind. I can’t see if I’m doing WTD right. Yes. Fish on! Fish on! Nice. It’s […]

10 Biggest Fish Catches Ever Caught!

From sharks, to prized bass, and a few surprises in between, join me as we discover some of the biggest catches of all time! 10. Blue Marlin (Unofficial) When it comes to “big catches”, just about every fisherman worth his salt has a “it was this big!” story, and that’s perfectly fine. Allow them to […]

Wife’s Biggest Catfish Ever! Bear River Catfish!

Oh good day YouTube! It’s Sunday we’re going fishing! I got one goal of the day just to get my wife to catch your first big catfish. We’re talking something over two pounds. Well… we’re finally loaded up and getting ready to go just waiting on someone… Are you ready to catch fish? Today’s your […]

Best Eel Fishing Technique by Village People | Bottle Trap for Catching Eel Fish

Best Eel Fishing Technique by Village People | Bottle Trap for Catching Eel Fish

Asian stinging catfish or fossil cat (Heteropneustes fossilis)

Asian stinging catfish and tiger barb

Catch n Cook Coral Trout with Butter Salt and Pepper Delicious EP.364

Hey everyone it’s Andy here it’s another beautiful day and I’ve decided to go back to the spot in episode 363 where I put a nice barramundi and a bunch of good cod so I’m going to try a little bit different techniques try some different species but I’m going to start with the same […]

walking catfish | asian traditional fishing | catching fish with hand in bangladesh

come here

RC Boat Catches Fish!?! Fishing Challenge!

– Good morning everybody! GetBent TV, we’re out challenging ourselves to a new series. – Of! – What kind of crazy stuff can we fish with? – That’s right, that we find at the toy store. – Or other retailers. – Amazon. – Exactly. (techno music) – My toy of choice today is the RC […]