How to Surf Fish: The Point in Hatteras, North Carolina

You nervous about taking the truck, Dad? On the sand? [Dad:] Huh, what? [Brendon laughing] Excuse me! [Dad:] Ha, what? [Dad:] Dust. [B:] Are you worried about the truck in the sand? Uncle Bill is filling up the gas. [Erin:]–Taking out the air, not filling up the gas. [B:] Oh, that’s what I meant. Uncle […]

Capt. Brady says GOODBYE! SEASON FINALE…Ep.258

What do we use if we do not have aquarium medicine rid all general aid

Believe This Fishing? ++ Giant Shark ## Tiny Boat Big Fish

Believe This Fishing? ++ Giant Shark ## Tiny Boat Big Fish

Andørja world record expedition, behind the scenes – Small Fish Stories

-Yes, I am trying -Hey Joel, are you free to talk right now? – Are you doing good? – Did you miss three bites!? Really? – That was Joel, it doesn’t look too good right now – He missed three sharks today. And it has been perfect conditions. – As it looks, the weather will […]

Top 5 Offshore Kayak Fishing Tips

This episode of Kayak Fishing Tales is brought to you by the ACA. Improving the paddle sports experience for over a century. Learn more at As the sport of kayak fishing continues to explode in popularity, more and more people are putting their skills to the test offshore. And so in this video we’re […]

갑오징어낚시 탐사를 삼천포로 다녀왔어요!봄갑오징어낚시 선상낚시 갑오징어탐사낚시 fishing squid

Finally came out! Today is Tuesday, March 3 Today is my first time driving I am going to Samcheonpo I’m nervous and excited It’s wrong to drive long distances First time driving I don’t drive well for over 30 minutes. But it’s really big courage Fishing makes people like this I’ve been driving for two […]

SBLI – Fly Fishing and the State of Striped Bass Fishery Film 2019, New York

If you’re a fisherman on Long Island and you like to fish for striped bass then winter feels like it’s the longest season of the year there’s no fishing for stripers in fact there is no saltwater fishing at all but when spring comes this cold world changes it becomes a fantastic fishing ground and […]

How To Fish for Bream

[MUSIC] Today I’m here on Lake Moultrie. I’m going to learn a little bit about bream fishing from freshwater fisheries biologist Chad Holbrook. So we’ve got two different types of live bait that we’re going to try with bream today. And how are we going to be fishing this live bait? We’re gonna start out […]

E#44 | Miniature Fishing & Cooking | Pond Fresh Tiny Fish Recipe | Miniature Cooking Show

she’s the only one, who hits the bloat …uhhh boat using vessels bloatu is that bloat ? what ranji? bloatu…bloatu you said know ? hey why you forgot this? hey you may get more fan’s ranji … please sing any..quick I wont expose my vocal talent to anyone then I may get a call from […]