Early April Lake Trout Fishing – Northern Michigan

Hi, I’m Captain Ben Wolfe with Sport Fish Michigan. It’s early April. We’re out here on Grand Traverse Bay. We have an early spring pattern here – we’re looking for lake trout, cisco, maybe some whitefish, and possibly even some early smallmouth bass. They’re in deep water, but they should be just starting to move […]


Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Whoo!!! Hello everybody and welcome to Streamline Adventures! Today we are going into North Georgia to the Soque River… mmm… Coffee is good! I have my fishing guide Princess Rainbow.. see her back there She got that name because she’ll take you to the rainbows She’ll take you to the […]

Trout Fish Hunting In Deosai Plains Pakistan

Trout Fish Hunting In Deosai Plains Pakistan

Lake Trout Catch and Release – Livewell Tip

One thing that we do when we have lake trout that are really tired from the long fight – sometimes they’re ready to go and swim right away, we want to hold them boat-side and make sure they’re swimming healthfully before they go back down. The other thing that we can do when they look […]

unseen fish trapping system | primitive bamboo fish trap | peacock eels

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Cattaraugus Creek Steelhead Trout Fishing

(eerie symphonic music) (upbeat dance music) – [Fisherman] Now so we have our main line to a float. – [Man] To a float. – [Fisherman] To a barrel swivel, to a shot line, to our lead to our hook. (epic music) Unbelievable fight, look at that. – [Man] I’ll tell you what man, we’re gonna […]

Autumn Rainbow Trout

There’s an active fish in the bay By the rock There he is He’s out there now There’s a wave after the fly There he was I got the line over the fish Oh no. I lost him Shit There’s a fish following After the fly! He’s getting closer Look at him He’s not ready […]

Fly Fishing at one of the best Trout Rivers in the world.

[Music] world of American Angler you’re up with the sun with a fish on your line your day’s just begun the world of American Angler on lakes and on streams Now you are living the good life catch the one of your dreams [Music stinger and fade down] I’m Pat Traynor and welcome to the […]

Ice Fishing Brook Trout & How to Survive a Night in the Wilderness | Cast Northwest | Episode 6

(Music) If you are what you eat than most of us in North America are hamburgers. Walking talking, texting, driving, flying hamburgers but some of us are wild because we eat wild food. Foraged, hunted, grown and harvesting, food from the land, food that we are connected to, healthy food provided to us by our […]

BIG Brook Trout of Gods Lake

(light music) With countless lakes and rivers spread across beautiful Canadian landscape, Manitoba is known as a fishing paradise. Huge portions of Manitoba have never been touched by industrialization or residential development leaving many of the water sources across province in pristine condition. The province is filled with a wide variety of exciting fish including […]