HalfWay nano aquarium – Cinematic Aquascaping TUTORIAL

Nowadays Halfway Tank Tutorial Where the plants live under and above the water Two months earlier The hardscape Plant it! Build it! Destroy it! Green Aqua 40L 45x30x30cm, 4mm opti-white Silicone glue Lava / Fuji rock Don’t be clumsy! Find the perfect balance Carefully! Wait one hour for the silicone glue to hold Wait 24 […]

How to Keep Tiger Barbs: Beginner Aqarium Fish, Species Sunday

What’s up fish tank people? Fishtanktv.com, dustinsfishtanks.com bringing it to you on a Sunday. How is everybody doing? I hope you had a great week! I got to tell you, your boy D had a rough week. I was sick on Sunday still busting out the video. The fish I will show you in a […]

Ultra Super Quiet Aquarium Air Pump Unboxing & Review – Sunsun CT-202

Hello everyone, this is the unboxing of the SUNSUN CT-202 Ultra Quiet Oxygen Air Pump. This is what it says in Chinese, I translated it. Now this air pump is supposed to be much quieter than your regular air pump. However, this is a little more pricey in comparison to the say 100 rupees or […]

How to make your own LOST WORLD nano tank – STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL

30x30x30cm simple glass cube 27 litres 30cm concrete Buddha statue If you can buy one, soak it for 2 weeks just to make sure Red moor woods My fav type of woods, no preparation needed, doesn’t colorize the water Seiryu stone Ancient like textures makes the water harder a bit, almost unbreakable Slate Neutral for […]

My LostWorld nano tank – The ultimate nature aquarium for beginners

MY LOST WORLD NANO TANK Aquael 29x29x35cm Beautiful glass I started this aquarium 1,5 years ago My fav one Little maintenance needed 2x Aquael Leddy Plant 8000k / together 12w / 980lm Daily 8hours lightning period Makes amazing glow effect in our dining room I use eheim classic 250 external filter I bought it used […]

How to Keep Mollies: Beginner Aquarium Fish, Species Sunday

What”s up fish tank people? Fishtanktv.com, dustinsfishtanks.com bringing it to you on a Sunday, how is everybody doing today? Hope you had an awesome week, I know I did. Wrapped up February with a real good style. Did the FREE Iron Friday, a lot of people were loving that, I am excited about that, great […]

Hard is why it’s cool! Setup a saltwater aquarium you can be proud of.

– This is episode one, and you found the beginning of something cool. This is the 5 minute guide to saltwater aquariums. Our mission is getting new saltwater tank owners the information they need to set up and maintain a reef tank they can be proud of. If you’re looking for a series on how […]

Aquascaping TUTORIAL – My Westworld style nano aquarium

BRAKE?? Maybe you need a BREAK, so you won’t misspell the words!


I’ve been having a blast here in Florida, but before I go home There’s just one last person that I need to go and see and you guys need to meet So while here in Florida? I just had to come by [Jenny’s] you guys know our solid gold Jenny tell us a little bit […]

How to grow Anubias in the Planted Aquarium, Anubias Melt- Bryans Aquarium

D: What is up fish tank people? Fishtanktv.com dustinsfishtanks over at Brian’s house. What’s up Brian? B: What’s going on people? D: Bryan is the freaking dude that knows the most of anyone I know about a lot of things particularly Anubias. This is his 75 gallon tank with nothing, but Anubias. We are going […]