FAQ #32: Where should I direct my pumps flow – the tank’s rock work, or the surface of the water?

Today on the 52 FAQ we’re going with the flow. Hi, I’m RT your host of BRSTV’s 52 FAQ where we answer all kinds of reefing questions from our popular series 52 weeks of reefing. Today we’re answering Yeshwanth Yarremsetty’s question, “Should I keep flow directed towards my rock work, or slightly upwards to create […]

Sesame Street: Telly’s Aquarium

FISH: [SINGING] Golden fish, with long, flowing tail. PLANT: Leafy plants, growing in red gravel. SNAILS: Two cute snails, crawling through the water. ALL: And a bulging treasure chest. We all live inside of Telly’s aquarium, Telly’s aquarium. Aquarium! Aquarium! SNAILS: No cats, or dogs, or kangaroos. ALL: Chickens, zebras, or cockatoos. PLANT: Nothing out […]

DIY saltwater fish tank / aquarium sump tank

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How to Choose the Best Flow Mode for Your Aquarium Wave Pumps

Hi everyone, I’m Ike from Current-USA and today we’re going to give you some tips on choosing the best flow mode for your wave pumps in your Reef Aquarium. One of the great advantages DC wave pumps have over most style AC wave pumps is their ability to be adjusted and controlled. Not only can […]

How to: DIY Aquarium Continuous Drip System

What’s up YouTube. This is Steve Poland. I had a couple requests to do a video to cover my drip system, so I thought I’d do that. I guess, first thing I’ll say is that this is still a work in progress and…you know…as everything in the aquarium hobby is. I might tweak it probably […]