Monster brown trout safari NZ

What just happened, Tobias? You just caught a huge trout A 4.2 kilo fish (9.4 lbs) Lasse is fighting a bigger fish on the other bank This is totally crazy Frithjof started out with a 3.6 kilo fish (7.9 lbs) Look at the size of that one It’s 3.6 kilograms (7.9 lbs) It looked even […]

Teaser – Dry Fly Sea Trout Fishing In Rivers – Fly Fishing In Denmark

Hi, my name is Michael. – And I am Oliver. Today we’re out fishing with dry flies, in some small danish rivers. It’s late season, and there should be a good amount of fish in the river, so we hope for some action! So if you’re into dry fly fishing, check this out!

FLY TV – Stockholm Silver – Late Spring Sea Trout Fly Fishing

I am Niklaus Bauer. – And I am John Kärki. You are watching FLY TV. Today, we are doing this: That is 9 lbs of steel, man. Welcome back to FLY TV! I am Niklaus Bauer. This is my good friend John Kärki from the Swedish Anglers Association. Today we are in downtown Stockholm, as […]

FLY TV – Mountain Brownies – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout

Hi, I am Niklaus Bauer. – And I am Daniel Bergman. And I am Ulf Johansson. You are watching FlyTV and today we are doing this: Welcome back to FlyTV. Today we are standing here on a helicopter platform. We are waiting for the helicopter to take us far out there. We are here together […]

FLY TV – Dry Fly Sea Trout Fishing in Denmark

Welcome to FLY TV. – My name is Steffan Jensen. – I am Allan Pedersen. Today, we are doing this: – We are wading on a reef or a plateau. – There is so much food for them in here. Gobies, sticklebacks, gammarus, bugs. What a fatty! It looked like somebody dropped a cow in […]