FLY TV – Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles)

I am Antti Guttorm. Today, we are doing this: We are in northern Norway, by the Lakselva River. We did an episode with salmon fishing last year. We are back to fish with two-handed rods. We are fishing for fresh fish in July. The season has been a bit strange. It is late and the […]

Small Stream – Big Trout

Nice evening. Yeah, fantastic Let’s hope we’ll see some fish as well. Yeah, if there are any The stream looks nice but it’s very small There’s one Cool There he was So there are fish in the stream after all. Yeah It’s nice. Bigger than i expected Nice Maybe try a danica imitation He’s up […]

Sea Trout Fishing From Boat – Chasing Silver On Shallow Water!

Today we are at one of the danish fjords, to chase some winter trout. Its a bit different today, because the weather and water temperature has dropped the last days. So the seatrout are gonna gather around in schools, and can be a bit hard to locate. So yeah, a bit different from normal seatrout […]

Trout in Sight

Nice fish He’s standing in front of the rock It’s hard to reach it That’s a nice fish. Stand still It’s big He got spooked by the line I guess It was just the tippet. But it didn’t run away He’s rising Keep going He’s watching it. Pull it a bit He’s coming. He’s coming […]

Monster brown trout safari NZ

What just happened, Tobias? You just caught a huge trout A 4.2 kilo fish (9.4 lbs) Lasse is fighting a bigger fish on the other bank This is totally crazy Frithjof started out with a 3.6 kilo fish (7.9 lbs) Look at the size of that one It’s 3.6 kilograms (7.9 lbs) It looked even […]

Fly Fishing Tales #2 // THE MONSTER TROUT!

Like any other fishing story, this starts with a good cup of coffee. This time it was three friends on the river Äyskoski. Flyfishing for those big trouts Hold up! Hold up! Before this becomes another flyfishing music video, which I really like. I want to tell you a little bit about this place. Äyskoski […]

Small Stream – Small Trout

There There he is He’s moving. Look. What did he do? Did he take something? Good question. He didn’t take anything on the surface. No. It’s low and clear water, and it’s hot. Ain’t gonna be easy. There is a wave up there He’s coming closer. Be still. He took it. He swam all the […]

Big Trout Drama

Did you see it? No There. Good There. No There. Yes He’s on the other side of the islet This is not easy He’s still on This is a nice trout Look, he’s coming up again This is not a small fish He’s going back up to the pool This is sick. I have to […]

Fina Fisken TV – EPISODE 9 – Big Sea Trout (English Subtitles)

In this episode, I am off to Gotland to meet Lasse Kajander. He will teach me how to fish bombarda, a method for slow and big sea trouts. Then we are going up north to meet Nicklas Bauer and some other nice people. Together we will get big sea trouts, or we will at least […]

Sea Trout On Dry Fly (skumbille) – River Fishing In Denmark

Hi, my name is Michael. – And I am Oliver. Today we’re out to do some dry fly fishing, in the small streams of Nordjylland. It’s late season, so there should be a lot of fish in the river. So we hope for some action! So if you are interested in this type of fishing, […]