How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Spacey & the Game Angling Consultancy – 1

This is a series of fly fishing programs made especially for the internet. [Collin’s] a newbie. I’ve been around a few years. We’re going to show you the very best of fly fishing that Britain’s got to offer. This is my setup for this. It’s a typical setup, my favorite. It’s a Hardy Zenith, centrics […]

Ultimate Labrador Salmon | Flowers River

BOATMAN & BACKSWIMMERS | Lake Fishing Tenchiques

Mike we’re using floating lines here in the shallow bay for obvious reasons but what are some of the other lines you like to use another situation you’d use them one of the other lines I like to use phil is a traditional sink line and with that line instead of the uniform or the […]

Trout & Steelhead | How To Locate & Catch Them In A River

[Music] Jeff blood is an experienced nymph fisherman who loves to angle for steelhead in the tributaries of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. He’s also the creator of some unique products for Gamma Technologies – makers of Frog Hair Products. One of these products is strike indicators. We joined Jeff on a Pennsylvania River where […]

Quebec Brook Trout | Lac Beauchene

(soft upbeat music) – Fish on. That didn’t take long. Wow, this one hammered it. This week, we’re part of the egg collection at LacBeauchene in Quebec. I’m Bill Spicer, this is The New Fly Fisher. (soft guitar music) – [Announcer] The New Fly Fisher has been made possible thanks to Quebec Outfitters federation, Orvis […]

How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Space & the Game Angling Consultancy – 2

Tony: Put the rod well away. It’d be a shame to stand a piece of Mr. Hardy’s finest and you’d certainly see a grown man cry if I did that. How are you doing Steven? Steve: Well, thank you. Tony: What a fantastic morning. Beautiful countryside. What a fantastic lake. Steve: Good. [inaudible 0:00:22]. Tony: […]

Streamers for Trout | How To Use Them

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the Orvis Guide to Flyfishing. This episode, it’s all about streamer fishing. Streamers are a great technique for anglers because it’s an effective way to search out aggressive trout and other species. Streamers are especially appealing to flyfishers looking to catch big fish, bigger trout eat big prey. And […]

Basics of Stillwater Fly Fishing for Trout

– [Tom Voiceover] Welcome everybody to the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing, I’m your host Tom Rosenbauer. Joining us today is my friend and guest co-host Phil Rowley. Phil is one of the most recognized still water fly fishers in North America. He spent over 25 years developing and refining his still water fly fishing […]

River Brook Trout & Landlocked Salmon

welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher I’m your host Bill Spicer on this episode we’re in western Labrador guests of Paul hasta gay at Mackenzie River Lodge our species for this week brook trout giant eastern brook trout measured in pounds not inches we’re going to use a number of different techniques for these […]

BIG Brook Trout of Gods Lake

(light music) With countless lakes and rivers spread across beautiful Canadian landscape, Manitoba is known as a fishing paradise. Huge portions of Manitoba have never been touched by industrialization or residential development leaving many of the water sources across province in pristine condition. The province is filled with a wide variety of exciting fish including […]