How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Spacey & the Game Angling Consultancy – 1

This is a series of fly fishing programs made especially for the internet. [Collin’s] a newbie. I’ve been around a few years. We’re going to show you the very best of fly fishing that Britain’s got to offer. This is my setup for this. It’s a typical setup, my favorite. It’s a Hardy Zenith, centrics […]

How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Space & the Game Angling Consultancy – 2

Tony: Put the rod well away. It’d be a shame to stand a piece of Mr. Hardy’s finest and you’d certainly see a grown man cry if I did that. How are you doing Steven? Steve: Well, thank you. Tony: What a fantastic morning. Beautiful countryside. What a fantastic lake. Steve: Good. [inaudible 0:00:22]. Tony: […]

FLY TV Squeeze – Gotland Sea Trout

Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze. Today, we are on the beautiful island of Gotland. On the east coast of Sweden. My friends from FishYourDreams are here. We will see if we can catch some nice silvery sea trout. So Per, what are the conditions today? We are being disturbed and harassed by […]

Hunting And Cooking with Mike Robinson: Fishing for Trout

Always the dodgiest part of getting in a canoe. Now this, is my secret little lake. It’s fed from a gorgeous little stream, just up there, comes all the way down through the woods and I very kindly got permission to put a few trout in this lake, ages and ages and ages ago. There […]

Fly Fishing at one of the best Trout Rivers in the world.

[Music] world of American Angler you’re up with the sun with a fish on your line your day’s just begun the world of American Angler on lakes and on streams Now you are living the good life catch the one of your dreams [Music stinger and fade down] I’m Pat Traynor and welcome to the […]