How to Catch More Fly Fishing

(upbeat rock music) – [Narrator] Tired of not being able to catch trout on a fly rod? Looking to catching more? This video is what you need to step up your fly fishing game. We’re going to tell you about a unique fly fishing technique that allows anglers to catch more trout every time they […]

Catching Sea Trout in Randers Fjord/ Expert tips/ Denmark,

Open house with an Anglers Club by Randers Fjord in Denmark Maj 10th, 2015, Luckily we have got the foreman here, who is fully occupied with making people realize that smoking fish, as a really god way to prepare them – it only takes 10 minuttes. Lets hear, what he has to say. Have you […]

Sea trout and pike on the fly. Fishing Vlog

What are you fishing with Frank? ha? What are you fishing with Frank? Jiggy! Spring is finally here And the sun is out today and it’s easterholliday for me at least it couldn’t be more perfect to go fish for sea trout I don’t know if i’m going to catch any but I sure as […]

Elk River Bull Trout | MONDO BULL TROUT!

[Music] Over here he was just a horse of a fish just doggin it Welcome to at Dimestorenation. We’re super glad you’re here. Make sure to hit the subscribe button right here and the Bell notification so you get notified when we premiere a new video. We want you to comment, ask questions and let […]

Rising Trout

Look at it He’s eating like crazy

Restoring the Trout Stream

It’s bigger than I thought It’s strong Nice fish They are really strong Oh, it’s beautiful Fantastic

Catching Trout…THE HARD WAY!

– [Recorded Mark] I would high five you right now, but I don’t want you to drop the fish. (Mark laughs) – [Coyote] Don’t drop the fish. – [Mario] What ever you do, don’t lose the fish Coyote. (fish splashes and swims away) – Oh no, there he goes! (Mark laughs) (film reel rolls) ♪ […]

DIY Brook Trout Trip – White River Air Service

(soft instrumental music) – He hooked a brook trout here Oh, he just came off. – Hi there. Welcome to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Jenna McKeown and today’s show is all about remote outposts. My father and I are in northern Ontario with White River Air Service and we’re going to some […]

Top 6 Flies for Stream Trout

Part of the success formula for having that memorable trout fly fishing day is to have effective flies. In my year I�ve had the good fortune to being able to fish the entirety of the Western United States, British Columbia, and Alberta. During that time I�ve developed my favorites. Today what I want to do […]

Autumn Rainbow Trout

There’s an active fish in the bay By the rock There he is He’s out there now There’s a wave after the fly There he was I got the line over the fish Oh no. I lost him Shit There’s a fish following After the fly! He’s getting closer Look at him He’s not ready […]