SUP Fly Fishing: Learning to Fly Fish on a Paddle Board with Sean Callinan | vineyard vines

Fly fishing for rainbow trout – Ardaire springs angling centre – kilkenny / waterford 2019/2020

Welcome back, Visited the lakes twice over the Christmas, and on both occasions it was fishing competitions, On the first, the winter ligue elimination I was 4th with 11 fish, On the second, Philip Adcock Christmas Memorial Cup 2019, I got the biggest fish of competition that was a rainbow trout weighting 11 LB 13oz… […]

Big Fish, Small Stream. Fly Fishing Colorado May 13, 2012

Welcome Back Everybody. I love fishing small streams, and this is one of my favorites. It’s full of little six to ten inch browns, which means I get to fish my small seven foot three weight rod, and some six x tippet. And it’s just a great time. When fishing any hard water like this, […]

3 Fly Fishing Legends | Cast Northwest | Episode 5

Every culture has its legends, and every sport has a culture. In the world of fishing, legends are moulded by time and experience. And they embody a vast bank of knowledge that people who share their passion only dream of having access to. Unfortunately the best fishermen are also often the best liars. My name […]

FLY TV – Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles)

I am Antti Guttorm. Today, we are doing this: We are in northern Norway, by the Lakselva River. We did an episode with salmon fishing last year. We are back to fish with two-handed rods. We are fishing for fresh fish in July. The season has been a bit strange. It is late and the […]

Jamie Lee Curtis on Late Night Shows, Fly Fishing & Husband Christopher Guest

International Competitors Angle for Glory at World Fly Fishing Championships in San Francisco

(applause) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club for the 16th annual Jimmy Green Spey-O-Rama. – Spey Casting originated on the Spey river in Scotland because of limited space behind you, of trees and bushes and whatnot, and having to make a long cast with a fly rod. […]

Blueback Rainbow trout fishing in New Zealand South Island ニュージーランド南島でブルーバックレインボーを釣る

A helicopter is going to take off! Backcountry fishing? I start with Oreti River today I am always troubled by the wind on Oreti River. The wind is strong again. just do it! I’m Yoshi Tsugiyama in Oreti River and this is Hikikomori just exploring whole day I moved in next section How should I […]

Small Stream – Big Trout

Nice evening. Yeah, fantastic Let’s hope we’ll see some fish as well. Yeah, if there are any The stream looks nice but it’s very small There’s one Cool There he was So there are fish in the stream after all. Yeah It’s nice. Bigger than i expected Nice Maybe try a danica imitation He’s up […]

Tying a Tungsten BH Black Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Pattern #PiscatorFlies

Hey Thread Heads! Darren here welcome back to another quick fly tying tutorial today we’re gonna be whipping up this little black pheasant tail this is a variation of a pheasant tail jig that I do it’s pretty stripped-down version of a pheasant tail nymph we don’t have any wing case on this no legs […]