DIY Brook Trout Trip – White River Air Service

(soft instrumental music) – He hooked a brook trout here Oh, he just came off. – Hi there. Welcome to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Jenna McKeown and today’s show is all about remote outposts. My father and I are in northern Ontario with White River Air Service and we’re going to some […]

Top 3 Nymphs for Grayling and Trout (Hare’s Ear, Red Tag and Pheasant Tail Nymphs) – Tie TV

hi I’m caught the vivillon Munson and I work for flight dressing and now we’re up in northern Finland shooting a flight TV episode so today I’m going to show you in this tight TV episode the three best flies from this trip it’s also three of my favorite patterns that works really good in […]

Boots Allen: Peacock pattern for sea run brown trout in Tierra Del Fuego

The fly I’m going to tie for you today it’s going to be really weird, it’s gonna get weird the look of it is a saltwater fly it very obviously has saltwater origins I use it in Tierra del Fuego fishing for sea run brown trout on the Rio Grande and Rio Menendez River. There […]

Easy Zonker fly pattern | Fly tying a streamer for trout and bass

hey how’s it going it’s Kevin I wanted to go over how to tie a really simple effective zonker style pattern has a little bit of variation for the original but I think it’s been pretty effective for me so in the vise right now I have a partridge it’s a bomber size 4 hook […]

Dumb Eye Bugger – Wooly Bugger trout streamer with dumbbell eyes

A Wooly Bugger is probably one of the most popular streamer flies ever produced. This version has a dumbbell eye to add a bit of jigging action and some weight. For a hook use a size 8-14, 3x or 4x long shanked hook like this size 10 Daichi 1750 Start a fine to medium thread […]

How to tie a sea trout fly! My Favorite fly! The Brenda look – a – like fly

Welcome guys to my next video Today i’ll be tying a fly like this one… or this one The green one And it’s a fly based on Ove Monrad’s Brenda fly But it’s not exactly the same as a Brenda But this is the way I tie it And they are pretty nice on the […]

Foxabou Baitfish | Fly Tying Streamer Pattern for trout and bass

hey how’s it going it’s Kevin I wanted to go over tying a great little baitfish pattern using artic Fox at marabou simply easy to tie and really effective so starting off I’ve got an attitude streamer from partridge in a size two and the vice and I’ve got the lag Orton this is a […]

FLY FISHING for Sea Trout: Float Tube/Pontoon Boat Fishing on Gotland | FLY TV – Gotland Silver

– My name is Steffan Jensen. – And I am Robert Hansson. You are watching FLY TV. Today, we are doing this: Sea trout fishing is my biggest passion in life. I have fished in so many different places around the world. The amazing thing about sea trout fishing is that you never know what […]

Fastest and most humane way to kill fish Andysfishing Fishing Video Big Fish EP.160

Andy’s——- fishing on YouTube HD quality fishing videos uploaded every week enjoy and I’ll just show everyone there’s three ways to kill a fish humanely one is you cut the throat you’re going under here and you cut their blood vessels to their gills you hit them on the head with a like a large […]