Trout & Steelhead | How To Locate & Catch Them In A River

[Music] Jeff blood is an experienced nymph fisherman who loves to angle for steelhead in the tributaries of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. He’s also the creator of some unique products for Gamma Technologies – makers of Frog Hair Products. One of these products is strike indicators. We joined Jeff on a Pennsylvania River where […]

Tecnica dove come pescare il siluro Flyfishing for wels catfish Mauro Borselli pesca mosca streamer

The fishing action for Siluro cat fish is in hunting search, we must be careful to what happens in water, signals, to the hunted, to anomalous waves in surfaces, these are big fishes and then they can move a lot of water, you can also be found in tailing Siluro Cat Fishes with Fly Fishing […]

Midge Ribbed Annelid – Learn to tie this nymph type trout fly – Super easy!

Midge larve are probably some of the most important and common food sources for trout. They are in every river and creek, and some parts of the year can be the only food source for the fish This fly is so easy and quick to tie, you can make up a dozen of them in […]

Trout Fishing in Bishop, Ca with GoPro HERO3+ HD 1080

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Fly Fishing Brown n Rainbow Trout Urban Flyfishing Tasmania Urban fishing Australia EP.90

I’m in quiet little town in Tasmania Australia. This is Russel and Rochelle’s House. And I am going for a fish soon. There’s Russell there. It’s now about 2.30pm in the afternoon and just heading out for a fish. Walk down the road a little bit, jump in the creek and come back out there […]

Fina Fisken TV – EPISODE 9 – Big Sea Trout (English Subtitles)

In this episode, I am off to Gotland to meet Lasse Kajander. He will teach me how to fish bombarda, a method for slow and big sea trouts. Then we are going up north to meet Nicklas Bauer and some other nice people. Together we will get big sea trouts, or we will at least […]

Fly Fishing – Catching Rainbow and Brown Trout in Pennsylvania 2019 – Small Stream Fishing Action

Tying John Kent’s Elvis Chironomid (Variation) Trout Fly Pattern – Ep 154 PF #PiscatorFlies

Hey Thread Heads Darren here welcome back to another fly-tying tutorial. Today we’re gonna be tying a chironomid pattern that is called the Elvis Chironomid. This was originated by John Kent out of British Columbia. This fly was originally called the Viva Las Vegas. It was a fly that they used successfully in an area […]

Brown Trout on a Spinning Leech in Estonia

I hope you didn’t catch this on tape [Aye] So Ok, this one is big Nothing special, of course [Show me] [Over two pounds probably] This one may be now something like… [Now light the cigaret] [Where exactly your line was scraped?] Six inches from the hook [It’s quite deep here] Deep it is indeed […]