Sea trout and pike on the fly. Fishing Vlog

What are you fishing with Frank? ha? What are you fishing with Frank? Jiggy! Spring is finally here And the sun is out today and it’s easterholliday for me at least it couldn’t be more perfect to go fish for sea trout I don’t know if i’m going to catch any but I sure as […]

Rising Trout

Look at it He’s eating like crazy

Restoring the Trout Stream

It’s bigger than I thought It’s strong Nice fish They are really strong Oh, it’s beautiful Fantastic

Brook Trout & Pike – Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

(uplifting music) – [Colin] Welcome everyone to The New Fly Fisher. In this special episode, we’re joining Peter and Mari McCrum who are contest winners of a trip to beautiful Esnagami Lake Lodge in northern Ontario. Peter is new to fly fishing and is quite excited to learn how to do the basic cast in […]

Autumn Rainbow Trout

There’s an active fish in the bay By the rock There he is He’s out there now There’s a wave after the fly There he was I got the line over the fish Oh no. I lost him Shit There’s a fish following After the fly! He’s getting closer Look at him He’s not ready […]

Sea trout fly fishing in Denmark with Rodtrip

Je prépare le matos pour la journée Tu en a pris une belle ! Oui merci C’est un très beau poisson Sur une crevette ? Sur une crevette blanche Montre moi C’est une 50+ Très beau poisson Gino, bon boulot ! Santé ! Pour toi mon ami Merci beaucoup ! Des bières belges Merci, merci […]

The Wrong Trout

So you haven’t seen it for a while? No but he was going upstream and he was rising a couple of times. Let’s sit down and wait for a minute What else could one ask for. No wind and rising trout There’s a lot of fish in the river Crazy much That’s a nice fish […]

Bow River Trout – Fish Tales Fly Shop

(majestic music) – That’s it. Give him the header. – [Colin] He’s got some pink to him. Just beautiful. Welcome everybody to The New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Colin McKeown. In today’s show, we’re in beautiful Alberta. In fact the Bow River’s right behind me, one of the top trout rivers in North America. […]

Trout Country: Fly Fishing on a Changing Yellowstone

(gentle music) – When I started fly fishing I was seven years old probably, maybe six years old. I can remember catching fish with a fly rod. But I really got into it when I was 10 years old. My dad bought me a Russ Peak rod. And I took that rod up to the […]

Brook Trout on a Fly | Ontario

The New Fly Fisher – Brook Trout on a Fly Coming up on this episode on the New Fly Fisher we’re all about adventure. We’re going deep into the bush of Algoma country. We’re on the hunt for giant, native, wild Ontario brook trout. The adventure starts right now on the New Fly Fisher. The […]