Alappuzha Night Food: Halais Grilled Fish (Hamour) + Chicken Sizzler + Beef Mulakittathu + Mint Tea

People who like fish to be well-fried may not like this. Because this is not crispy. So we have ordered a special tea from Puttum Kattanum. Good morning. We tried some tastes of Alappuzha in the morning. In the afternoon, Shameer has joined us. Faisal has gone to take permission from Halais. We are not […]

Rs. 60 Fish Meals Changanassery | 60 രൂപയ്ക്കു മീൻ വറത്തതും ഊണും | Meals + Fish fry + Fish Curry

Aviyal cooking is going on here. Fish fry also. Here, beef fry is also being made. Ebbin bro, what is your new year resolution? I will tell my first resolution now. Good morning. It is new year. I am with Shameer. We are in Changanassery, Appuchettande Kada. Where are we going after this? After this, […]

Thekkady Tribal Cooking Video: Tribal Chicken Curry + Tribal Fish Barbeque + Ragi Porridge

A steaming hot plate. Dennis is on a fast. After tasting the gravy, he say he will cancel the fast. Good morning. We are in Thekkady. We have already done two videos in Thekkady. We did those for Food N Travel only. Yesterday and day before, we were in Thekkady itself. We are staying in […]

Tasty SEAFOOD FEAST in Melaka- Sea snails, clams + MORE | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate today we’re in Melaka, Malaysia, Melaka is on the coast of Malaysia and so it’s time to indulge in a gigantic seafood feast we’re going to be making two stops tonight the first stop is for some fresh shellfish at a really local spot […]

Delicious KOREAN SEAFOOD FEAST at Noryangjin Fish Market, SEOUL, South Korea

we’re at Seoul’s biggest seafood market and that can only mean one thing a seafood feast there’s row upon row of seafood vendors who’ve got these massive tanks full of fresh seafood, let’s go and find something to eat we’re buying the seafood fresh from the tanks and then we’re taking it to a restaurant […]

BEST BREAKFAST In Malleshwaram AT VEENA STORES | SOFT FLUFFY IDLI | Chow Chow Bath | Sweet Pongal

The idlis are soft but you can feel the texture of the idlis as you’re eating it. So, when you taste the Pongal with the chutney… … it’s transformed to a whole new savoury, spicy level. Every neighbourhood has its own set of popular eateries. The popularity of this tiny eatery or store right here […]

Mouthwatering BUSAN FOOD TOUR – KOREAN STREET FOOD at Jagalchi market + MORE

Busan is South Korea’s second-largest city and there is a tonne of local food to eat here you have got to see all the amazing local food we will be eating in this video Busan is a food paradise we’re gonna be eating on the street and in restaurants to show you the best food […]

Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan

Fukuoka my first full day here. This morning today was pretty uneventful. I ate at McDonalds and I passed out. That’s basically my entire day. Tonight I wanted to go try Street food in Fukuoka, but I heard it’s really touristy is overpriced. It’s not that good. So I’m looking for a seafood restaurant here […]