Greenpeace Greenwire: Kaitlyn Organizes for Sustainable Tuna

My name is Kaitlyn Trent, I’m a senior at Bowling Green State University, I study envrionmental policy and analysis with a specialization in environmental law, and I’m a volunteer for Greenpeace! “Hey is this Jess?” “I’m actually calling today to say thank you for signing our petition recently…” My social life, it kind of evolves […]

Сельдь домашнего соления

Hello, dear visitor ! English subscription isn’t available (though it will be soon) but there is an author’s site with Google translator (special button with a lang list) for any languages. Each recipe on a site contains clear description for You in style like HOWTO. Thanks for watching and reading us ! With best […]

Фаршированные яйца с сельдью

Welcome to you Musulega Elena Today, I’ll cook for the holiday table eggs stuffed with herring chop half an onion add half a teaspoon of sugar one-third of a teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 500 milliliters of water marinate 10 minutes cut five eggs remove yolks and mash with a fork […]

Dressed herring, the weirdest Russian dish TUTORIAL

So we’ll make dressed herring, better known as ‘herring under a fur coat’ Along with Olivier and vinaigrette, this is a popular Russian dish for the New Year table But not just for New Year’s The recipe calls for a pretty straightforward list of ingredients Plenty of mayonnaise and salted herring, which results in a […]

Как Приготовить Селедку за 3 Часа, Будет Вкусно!!! | Homemade Salted Herring in Three Hours

Thai Catfish Bites – CookIN’ Gone Wild Field to Table S2 E5.5 | Indiana DNR

Welcome to CookIN’ Gone Wild Field to Table. Today we’ll be making Thai catfish bites with a spicy coleslaw. The first thing we did was cook our catfish in the microwave for seven to ten minutes in some buttermilk. I’m going to set this aside because I’m actually going to make our coleslaw first because […]


Hello Internet it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen this is my mother, some of you may remember her from previous videos, I remember her because I came out of her. Today we are doing a food fear of jellied eels, jellied eels are basically eels that have been simmered in a spicy […]

Best Wine For Grilled Eel フランス女が鰻に合う最強ワインを選ぶ