Rs. 60 Fish Meals Changanassery | 60 രൂപയ്ക്കു മീൻ വറത്തതും ഊണും | Meals + Fish fry + Fish Curry

Aviyal cooking is going on here. Fish fry also. Here, beef fry is also being made. Ebbin bro, what is your new year resolution? I will tell my first resolution now. Good morning. It is new year. I am with Shameer. We are in Changanassery, Appuchettande Kada. Where are we going after this? After this, […]

Thekkady Tribal Cooking Video: Tribal Chicken Curry + Tribal Fish Barbeque + Ragi Porridge

A steaming hot plate. Dennis is on a fast. After tasting the gravy, he say he will cancel the fast. Good morning. We are in Thekkady. We have already done two videos in Thekkady. We did those for Food N Travel only. Yesterday and day before, we were in Thekkady itself. We are staying in […]

Amma Hotel Kozhikode | Fish Fry Meals from Calicut Amma Hotel

You know the specialty of Kozhikode city? It is very clean. These walkways are all neatly maintained. I liked it a lot. In Kozhikode, I liked the beach.. and many other places. Which is your favorite place in Kozhikode? Among the specialties of Kozhikode, which is the one you like most? If you mention that […]

Paragon Salkara Kozhikode | കോഴിക്കോട് പാരഗൺ സൽക്കാരം | Mango Fish Curry & Tribal Beef

Good are things going? When I came to Kozhikode last time, I wanted to have food from Paragon, but I couldn’t do that. This time also, I couldn’t taste biriyani from Paragon. We will do that some other day. I am on my way back to Kochi from Kozhikode. Here there is Salkara, belongs […]