How to make Small Fish Curry | Anchovies Fish Curry Village Style | Batasi Fish Curry Village Style

Food For Hungers – Need to Feed – Village Recipes

pond making at home easily/build your own pond/styroform fish tank /ORGANIC GARDEN

welcome to organic garden today i`m going to share you how to make styrofoam pond with plants take styrofoam box and cut as shown in the video take base styrofoam apply glue and stick the base with the styrofoam box take the waste pieces and cover around the box keeping little bit space fix small […]

Superhero Giant Play-Doh Surprise Egg Superman Batman Marvel Avengers Ninja Turtles

Jacob: Hey, Kinder Playtime friends! Mom: Welcome to day 3 of our mystery surprise opening week! Mom: Today we have a superhero play-doh egg! Jacob: Superman is Daddy’s favorite. Mom: Oh, yes he is! Mom: We also have these really cool superhero mystery boxes on the sides here. Mom: They come with some really neat […]

Unique and Easy Fish Fry Recipe Restaurant Style | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan

Fish Fry Street Food recipe I will tell you ingredient of 1 kg Add Corn Flour 1 cup for 1 kg fish Ajwain half table spoon Cumin seeds 1 table spoon Coriander leaves powder 1 table spoon Red chilli flack 1 table spoon Red Chili powder 1 table spoon Food colour ( zarda ka rang […]

Cartoons for Children – PLOOP the Clown Fish! – Childrens Animation for toddlers

Endangered Blanding’s Turtles Released into the Wild

My name is Celeste Troon, I am the curator and director of living collections at the Chicago Academy of Sciences / Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Today is a very special day! Because today we are going to release 92 hatchling Blanding’s turtles that we have been raising at the Nature Museum for the past year. […]

Homer Simpson Works All Day for Some Old Man

Homer? Homer?! Oh Homie, you made breakfast. Nothing’s too good for my one and only. I love you guys. Right back at you son. Well I’m off to work. I work all day for some old man. I sweat and break my back. I am the angel of death. The time of purification is at […]

Christmas/Winter Fish Tank and Terrarium Decorations!!

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I wanted to show you all the winter decor for my tanks so I got some stickers from Michaels and I got some silk flowers and I bought some river rocks from my […]

How to Feed Fish on Vacation / Holiday

Feeding Fish on Vacation Preparing the aquarium Do a normal sized water change the day before you leave; don’t be tempted to do a huge water change larger than your normal amount as this may disrupt your aquarium water chemistry. Leave algae growth in your aquarium until after you return. Many fish will actually feed […]

How to draw FISH for kids

How to draw FISH for kids