Kayak Trout Fishing at Quarry Lakes

what’s up guys this is quarry lakes in Fremont California it’s shaped like a horseshoe and some locals just told me that most of the big fish is on the other side so I’m gonna head over there and try to catch some big fish let’s go guys we are deployed guys huh which first […]

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اسلام علیکم امید ہے آپ سب ٹھیک ہونگے پیارے بھاہیو سبسکرائب بھی کر لیں اگر پہلے نہیں کیا تو

Urban Ultra Light Trout Fishing using Lures

You’re asking for it Yeah She’s good. Why she’s gonna come dude. He’s gonna come look. He’s good. Dude, dude, dude, dude. He’s Dude, dude this put the camera in the water. Oh, he’s gonna go he’s gonna do it. Dude. Hold it. Hold it He’s he’s gonna hit it. He’s gonna hit it. He’s […]

Quarry Lakes Kayak Trout Fishing the Watersnake T24 Trolling Motor!

Whatsup guys check it out guess what I’m installing today so this kit came with this bracket this bracket is meant to be installed on a side mount on your kayak so this is the bracket these are all the parts here so this mode is pretty light that’s it I love a bolt on […]

San Pablo Reservoir Trout Tournament Season Opener 2018

look at this he’s gonna fool me he’s gonna spoil me dude he’s falling I got four pound tests he’s pulling me look Oh yo what’s up guys we are here at San Pablo dam reservoir we’re here for the trout tournament we’re waiting at the gate to get in got here a little bit […]

Spring Break Ultra Light Trout Lake Lure Fishing

yo what’s up guys we are gonna do a suburban trout giveaway we’re gonna give 6 spoons away right now so comment below like this video follow me on Instagram follow suburban trout on Instagram and you must be a subscriber to my channel I will choose a winner in 48 hours once this video […]

Ultra Light BFS Fishing with Suburban Trout Spoons.

guys guys up at bat today is the Alda Baron Shimano I paired it up with N one major craft ultralight 7-3 this is a JDM setup you cannot purchase this retail in the United States this was ordered from Japan and this was imported by an American and we had the good ol spoon […]

the Pinecrest Chronicles – ep. 02 – FIRE! Kayak Trout Finesse Fishing at Pinecrest Lake Inlet

you know what’s up guys we’re coming up on the inlet here there’s a few boats and a few people fishing from shore it’s not too crowded last year this place was packed it was about a dozen boats here including party boats man so this place gets really crowded it’s early season so man […]

2019 San Pablo Dam Reservoir Angler’s Press Trout Tournament. Let’s Go!!

He was second in 2019 and we’re at some Pablo dam reservoir. We’re getting ready to go to this tournament today Let’s see how we do today. Let’s go guys. Let’s go fishing. Yo Briana what’s up? What’s up? You ready to kill it today? Oh man, it’s all shaded up like that Do that […]

Camping and Trolling for Trout at Lake Amador

bro anything get one dude went out and got two more dude limited and Nicole what’s up guys we are on our way to Amador late this Friday we’re gonna get there a little bit early it’s an intel on the lake so yo let’s go fishing guys yo what’s up guys we are at […]