Last week we talked about adding my Pearl Stingray to the Rainbow fish aquarium. Now, she’s supposed to go into the 2000 gallon aquarium eventually, but she’s simply too small to go in with the big guys just yet! But again, I just feel like it’s not fair to her or us to leave her […]


So the 2000 gallon aquarium is now filled up with water and ready for fish. Filtration is back up and running and the water Needs to clear up a bit, but I have to admit right off the bat that this tank looks absolutely stunning So as I previously mentioned We’re going to move the […]

Eating RAW FRESHWATER Fish (Sashimi)

what is going on guys today we have a very special episode because we were doing something number one never done before and number two I think the vast vast majority of people are watching right now you guys have never seen this type of fishing before it should be really really cool so here’s […]

How to set up aquarium, Setting up Goldfish aquarium, Fish tank setup step by step easily in Hindi

Hi! Most welcome in Ravi Aquarium channel Lets see how to set up aquarium so please keep watching Arrange all things Before set up aquarium put it before Sponge filter Air pump Chlorine remover Beneficial live bacteria Ornament Fish bag Gravel and Water contaner Its 30 liter tank put tank on thermocol sheet now lets […]

Aquarium Supplies from the Dollar Store

What’s up guys. Steve Poland here. I’ve got a few videos in the works for you but I wanna do a quick one here on some stuff that I found today in a place I didn’t expect so as aquarium hobbyists, you know that we’re always on the lookout for cool stuff for our tanks. […]

Discus Fish, The King of Freshwater Aquarium/Tank

the discus fish is known as the cane the freshwater aquarium the discus fish are a genus of siblings which are native to the Amazon River Basin their bright colors make them popular as a great choice for freshwater aquariums like cichlids from the genus terraform all discus species have a laterally compressed body shape […]

FINAL AQUARIUM REVEAL: 900 Gallon Mekong River

– [Dustin] This is the moment that I don’t know what this tank looks like. Everybody is like, hurry up and make the video, show us what the tank looks like, I don’t what it looks like (upbeat music) What’s up fish take people. Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby. […]

How to Make Your Aquarium Water Look As Clear As Air

Hi. I’m Steve Poland. One comment I’ve gotten a few times since I started this channel is something along the lines of: Wow, what filter to you use? Your water is so clear! It looks like your fish are swimming in the air! Where is your water? Have you taught your fish to fly? And […]

Congo Tetra The Small Freshwater Fish Tank from Africa

Congo Tetra The Small Freshwater Fish Tank from Africa

UNBOXING PETMOUNTAIN HAUL + setting up my new fish tank

Hey guys… today I’m unboxing some stuff I ordered from and Freya’s helping 🙂 I got a bunch of stuff for my fish and ….stuff ((I got tank decor and lots of filter media for another diy project I’m doing later)) oh boy.. sponge filters I’m going to be horrible at recording this by […]