Meeting CNBLUE Minhyuk’s Dad [Hwang’s Eel Restaurant + FNC WOW]

Hey everyone! I’m Ashley and I’ve come to FNCWOW to celebrate tomorrow’s fan meeting for CNBLUE. I didn’t get to do my hair this morning so… We’re going to get the CNBLUE cake. Friend: CNBLUE? Me: Yes, because we are loyal fans. Look! There is only one piece left. Look! Look! Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin! […]

Massholes Episode 15: Catfish and Coldcuts feat. Francia Raisa

PADDY: Jesus fucking Christ, Jimmy. You’ve died so many times in the last game, we can’t fucking get into this one. MAGGIE: You almost fucking died last night with that broad. JIMMY: Maggie’s right man. PADDY: Dude, that fucking broad was all right. I was trying to take her home. Why the fuck wouldn’t you […]

Fake Friend Request (Sketch about annoying fake catfish facebook request from hot girls) | VLDL

What’s her name? Do you guys ever get this catfish friend requests? Ah all the time Let’s have a look ??????? She will be real bro, woman of your dreams good woow, Obviously she’s a fake person absolutely She’s got no friends, no photos apart from this incredibly hot profile picture Oh, I see she […]