Frog Fishing – Best way to catch frogs

Now that’s how you do it. (Music) That is a big guy. I can’t get a good bite on it. There he is. Now that’s how you do it. So there you go. This is the way I do it. You ain’t got to chase them and it’s fun. It’s kind of like catching a […]

How David Blaine barfs frogs

The magician David Blaine was on The Tonight Show recently, promoting his new special. He does 9 minutes of amazing card tricks FALLON: “This is what i’m talking about, man. What is going on, David Blaine?!” And then he sets up his finale… BLAINE: “100 years ago there’s a guy who converted his stomach into […]

GIANT RED SHARK vs GIANT BOMB – Amazing Frog – Part 149 | Pungence

– There’s a red megalodon, whoa! We got a giant bomb. I keep doing wheelies. How do you like that? You wanna get in the way? Ooh, there it is right there, whoa! The wick is lit! Guys, here we go! Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Amazing Frog, guys. My hand is shaking […]

Amazing Frog – GIANT SHARK – PC Gameplay Part 19

GIANT SHARK EATS ZOMBIE FROGS – Amazing Frog – Part 154 | Pungence

– Do you see what I’m seeing? This one’s coming after me. He’s going in! Whoa, he’s blowing up cars. His limbs are going all over the place. Oh no, no, he’s coming for me. Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to the Amazing Frog guys. We’re in trouble, look at this guys, we got […]